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International Sculpture Center
Art Party
NYC, October 27 - 29th

The International Sculpture Center hosted the ISC Art Party in New York City October 27-29, 2011. ISC members, artists and patrons of the arts attended this unique event to help raise funds to benefit the programs and publications of the ISC.

An exclusive reception at Haunch of Venison featured a catalogued art sale with works by renowned artists including James Surls, William King, Manuel Neri and many more. Guests also enjoyed cocktails and live musical entertainment by Kevin Williams.

While the cocktail reception was a fantastic event, the ISC Art Party was not just a cocktail reception. The event also boasted three days of programming, including artist/curator led tours of studios and galleries throughout Brooklyn, Long Island City and SoHo, which provided attendees with opportunities to ask questions, network, and get an intimate look at the creative process of some of today's successful sculptors.

Special thanks to artists and organizations who generously donated time and space for the events: Haunch of Venison, Michele Oka Doner, Judith Shea, Boaz Vaadia, Ursula von Rydingsvard, SculptureCenter and Causey Contemporary Gallery.

We would also like to thank all the artists who donated work to be sold in support of the ISC. Artwork is still available and can be viewed online at

All proceeds from the ISC Art Party and art sale help support the educational programs and publications of the International Sculpture Center


Click here to launch the ISC Art Party slide show!

Boaz Vaadia and Catherine Weinstock in Boaz Vaadia's studio in Brooklyn, NY
Boaz Vaadia, in his private studio in Brooklyn, NY
Bob Sapora, Gina Michaels, Dennis Lee Mitchell and Amanda Dow Thompson at Causey Contemporary Gallery
Bob Sapora, Melanie Chikofsky, Dennis Lee Mitchell, Robert Stackhouse, and Tmima at Causey Contemporary Gallery
Amanda Dow Thompson, Causey Contemporary
Gina Michaels, Michele Oka Doner, Johannah Hutchison, Melanie Chikofsky in Michele Oka Doner's Private Studio
Guests enjoy cocktails at Haunch of Venison for the ISC Art Party
Guests enjoy cocktails at Haunch of Venison
ISC Art Party guests enjoy lunch from Roberta's Pizza in Ursula von Rydinsvards private studio
ISC Art Party guests with Boaz Vaadia in his private studio in Brooklyn
ISC Art Party guests, SculptureCenter
Mihala Savu, Gina Michaels, Catherine Weinstock, Tmima, Prescott Miur, Carol Mickett, Boaz Vaadia, Robert Stackhouse and Ursula von Rydingsvard in her private Brooklyn Studio
Ruth Aizuss Midgal, Boaz Vaadia, Melanie Chikofsky, Gina Michaels and Michele Oka Doner in Michele Oka Doner's Private Studio
Ruth Aizuss Midgal, Mary Ceruiti, Gina Michaels, Melani Chikofsky, Tmima, Bob Sapora and Mihala Savu at the SculptureCenter
Ruth Aizuss Midgal, Melanie Chikofsky, Bob Sapora and Gina Michaels at Haunch of Venison