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April 7-9, 2010
London, UK
What is Sculpture in the 21st Century?
Support provided in part by:Chelsea College of Art and Design, Kings Place, Kanter Family Foundation, Nadine Witkin / Estate of Isaac Witkin, Tate, National Gallery, Alan Gibbs, Gallery Kasahara, Sir Anthony Caro
2010 Lifetime Achievement Award Winners are Phillip King and William Tucker - Click here for more

Chelsea’s Technical Staff will share their expertise with visiting participants; open up discussions and share knowledge across various practices associated with making. The day will run from 10:00am to 3.00pm/15:00 and there will be a rolling program of demonstrations punctuated by discussions and knowledge sharing between us, delegates and visitors to the Conference. There will be no need to book in advance – come along and discover how we work at Chelsea. Please also bring along pictures of work you may like to discuss or share with us.

 The College has well equipped 3D Workshops that are managed by ten erudite and enthusiastic staff who will engage with questions about materials and processes in the Foundry / casting area, Wood / construction Workshop, Ceramics Facility and Metal Workshop. There will be physical, photographic and video examples of work and some interesting demonstrations of making processes throughout the day and this will include student work, and students working.

 Areas of focus will include:

·         BRONZE showings origins of work in wax, found objects and modelling materials through to final cast work including pouring metal and patination techniques.

·         CLAY exploring its plastic properties and associated processes, as a medium for form and surface including demonstrations of slip casting and extrusion.

·         STEEL including discussions and demonstrations of plasma cutting, construction –e.g. section rolling for curving stock etc. This area will also show teaching methodology including planning and communicating ideas through drawing and showing.

·         WOOD and construction using traditional and more contemporary techniques alongside each other and including lathe work, vacuum forming and laser cutting.


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