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Sculpture cover


Evan Blondell

Lawn Mower, clay, wood, steel, paint 2.25”x2.5”x3.5” 2006

My current body of work is an investigation of the trends found in the daily spending habits of our culture. I've observed that a majority of practices demonstrate our fixation with appearance as well as how illogical and careless we are as a society with our resources. Scale and color-two elements persistently exploited in the consumer market-are the key elements in this body of work. The colors I have chosen are similar to those used in product marketing and are intended to attract and entice and not appear out of place or out of date. The scale changes I have used are a reference to our absurd fascination with possessing things that are either exceedingly large, or unbelievably small. However, when an object becomes too big or too small, generally it is impractical to use. Its function ceases, and it is merely a thing of appearance.


SUNY Potsdam
Faculty Sponsor: F. Douglas Schatz