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Sculpture cover


Shara Appanaitis

Shed Arias, laminated birch and found objects, 11"x 7" x 7" each, 2006

I am fascinated by private memories: how they function, the space they occupy, and the ways they are created and destroyed. I appropriate memories for use in my work from my own past, the media, and found photographs. They are culled down until I can identify with and manipulate them, and then become the basis of my narratives. The objects and installations are often by-products of tedious repetitive actions done in the privacy of my studio. As materials are compulsively wrapped, coated, covered, destroyed, and transformed their history informs a new meaning. Time and place become palpably embedded in the layers of material. The pieces reveal a desire for a human connection, to find someone who will mourn or suffer with me.

U. of Houston-Clear Lake
Faculty Sponsor: Nick deVries