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Sculpture cover


Stephen Atwood

80 Lbs, fabricated metal, 68" x 60" x 42", 2005

Operating, building and maintaining machines has influenced how I create my work. I try to steep aspects of real machines into the objects I build in order to influence the viewer into thinking about the form as a machine. As the idea of a machine is established, the relationship of the figure to the machine can be explored. It has been my intent to reference the figure in a way that the sculpture allows the viewer to partake in the process of imagination.

A shift in my life had taken me down a path where the machine and my wife had become as one. A symbiotic dependence had been formed that would be broken with the demise of the figure causing obsolescence of the machine. The figure and machine were not autonomous and it may be said that this relationship extended to the care givers of that relationship, whether in charging batteries or comforting the figure; it is the same. My role in this relationship was just as vital to the machine as it was to the figure. This relationship has been a place for me to focus my work.


Wichita State University
Faculty Sponsor: Barry Badget