International Sculpture Center



Interns are very important to keeping things running smoothly at the ISC. The ISC thanks all of our interns through the years who have brought their skills and enthusiasm to helping acheive the ISC's mission.


Katie Barrett
Fundraising & Development Intern. Katie attended the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) to with a degree in Interdisciplinary Sculpture. She hopes to gain invaluable non-profit experience through her Fundraising & Development internship and to further her professional development and education in sculpture in general. Katie also has a studio in her office, where she currently produces commissions and personal stained glasses pieces. She is also a vegetarian and a certified yoga teacher!

Olivia Burton
Conference & Events Intern. Olivia is currently pursuing a degree in Art History from The College of New Jersey (TCNJ). Through her Conference & Events internship, she hopes to promote an appreciation of the arts internationally, and gain valuable experience so that she may one day pursue a career in the field. Olivia is in fluent in French and has been a fan of sculpture since her childhood, when she would visit the nearby Grounds For Sculpture!

Layla Cabrera
Membership. Layla graduated Mercer County Community College with two Associates in Advertising & Graphic Design and Web Design. She will continue her academic career at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) - Atlanta in 2016 as a graphic designer. Layla has always had an interest in the arts and hopes her internship at the ISC will help her gain experience in the field and become a well-rounded artist. In addition to her artistic talents, Layla is also bilingual and can understand and read three other languages!

Elin Fidele
Web & Portfolio Intern. Elin studied Digital Media, with a focus in Web Design, Multimedia, and 3D Animation at Mercer County Community College. He hopes his Web & Portfolio internship will allow him to enhance his knowledge and further develop his skill set in order to become an expert in his field. Elin has long been interested in web design, and learned HTML from an early age. This passion for finding new codes allows him to produce unique and innovative designs.

Erica Heaney
Membership Intern. Erica currently attends The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) and is pursuing a Graphic Design major and Fine Arts minor. Through both her Development & Fundraising and Membership internships, she hopes to become acquainted with the art community as well as advance her career goal of working as a graphic designer, so that she may utilize her creative and artistic skills. Erica is also well travelled, and has taken trips to Maine every summer of her life!

Colleen Mackenzie
Membership and Arts Administration Intern. Colleen is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Studio Arts from Montclair State University. Her passion for non-profit art organizations and led her to becoming an intern with the ISC, and she hopes that she will be able to aid the ISC in making a positive impact on its community. After finishing her degree, Colleen plans to obtain her MFA in order to become a Professor of Drawing, as well as to be involved in a gallery or museum setting. Colleen is also a fantastic cook!

Brianna Montalto
Advertising Intern. Brianna attended Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY, where she studied Communications and Advertising. Her appreciation of the arts led her to her Advertising internship with the ISC, where she hopes to further her career goals and utilize her skills in a creative environment. In her free time, Brianna has a passion for travel, camping, and hiking. She has traveled through Europe and cross country this past summer!

Matt Ackerman
Rose M. Andolina
Ashley DeAngelis
Navjot Banwait
Paul Barudin
Katharine Bishop
Alice Brownell
Ashley Caferro
Victoria Chang
Marissa Chimento
Kristy Cole
Julia Cuddahy
Karla Curtis
Kyle Cziepel
Ryan Cziepel
Rachel Dutaud
Gioia DiMicco
Megan Ho
Casey Gale
Kelly Gerding
Raha Ghassemi
Donovan Griffin
Andrea Jensen
Husna Kazmir
Julia Kuelzow
Gwendolyn Kurtz
Nicole Lambo
Danielle Leng
Madeleine Lesperance
Kelly Lynch
Teresa Marra
Ashleigh Mason
Leah McGonigle
Andrew McRobbie
Lindsey Meldrum
Kevin Monaghan
Nikki Nordquist
Heather Ossandon
Matthew Parris
Gabrielle Peterson
Emma Pouncey
Maria Rolsal
Danielle Scicluna
Sarah Spencer
Courtney Stewart
Martha Vincent
Marie Wdzieczkowski
Bernadette Weibel
Melanie Winstead
Becky Wilkening
Ashley Wituschek
Beverly Wong
Rob Zakes
Yuko Zobrin