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On the Cover

On the Cover: Kwang-Young Chun, Aggregation 05-Au033 (detail), 2005. Mixed media and Korean mulberry paper, 5 x 3 x 2.5 meters.

Photo: Courtesy Kim Foster Gallery, New York.


From the Chairman

At last, I get it. During the 3.5 years that I’ve served on the ISC Board of Directors, I’ve heard innumerable references to past ISC conferences and how great they were: “Remember Pittsburgh, Chicago, Houston…” You could hear the longing in the speaker’s voice. And with every such reference, never having been to a major ISC conference, I could only wonder to myself what these people were talking about. While I made it to the “mini-conference” in New Orleans last year for Antony Gormley’s keynote (which was, as anyone there can attest, truly captivating), I didn’t get the full “conference experience.” But I was in Cincinnati for the entire event, and it bears repeating—I get it. (Complete letter...)




The Alien Sculpture of Kwang-Young Chun
by Robert C. Morgan

From Line to Mass: A Conversation with William Tucker
by Rachel Rosenfield Lafo

Katy Stone: Embodiments
by Christopher Schnoor

Alan Rath: Meta Mechanics
by Alison Bing

Rath Around the House (The Greats of Rath)
by Tom Patchett

Elizabeth Turk: The Collars
by Laura Janku

David Eckard: The Object as Diary
by Lois Allan

Robert Rauschenberg: A New Sculptural Idiom
by Jan Garden Castro



Forum: Peter Eisenman’s Mahnmal by Carol Salus




ISC News


New York: Whitney Biennial

San Francisco: Cornelia Parker

New Orleans: “The Comeback Exhibition”

Bethesda, Maryland:
Tim Tate

Boston: Heide Fasnacht

Helena, Montana:
Richard Swanson

Brooklyn: Gae Savannah

Brookville, New York: “Archival to Contemporary”

New York: David Hammons

New York: Rebecca Holland

New York:
Andrei Molodkin

New York:
Patricia Piccinini

Portland, Oregon:
Anna Skibska

Cece Cole

North Bay, Ontario, Canada:
“Ice Follies 2006”

“La scultura italiana del XX secolo”

Kirsteen Pieterse

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