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On the Cover

On the Cover: Michele Oka Doner, Soul Catcher, 2009. Porcelain with iron oxide, approximately 500 elements installed in a 14-ft.-diameter 19th-century peat kiln, detail of installation.

Photograph: © Michele Oka Doner, Courtesy Marlborough Gallery, New York.

From the Chairman

Although I have said it before, it bears repeating—Chicago is a special town, especially for the arts.

[complete letter]Al




ISC News


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Durham, North Carolina : "Escultura Social"

Philadelphia : "Global Warming at the Icebox"

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London : "British Sculptors' Drawings"

West Bretton, Wakefield, U.K. : Isamu Noguchi

Paris : Johan Creten

Tel Aviv : Gil Shachar

Taipei : Hung Su-Chen

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