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The Pratt Institute Sculpture Garden
by Jill Conner

Located in the historic Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, the Pratt Sculpture Garden spans 25 acres and hosts about 50 sculptures during any given year. Founded in 1999 as a collaboration between Pratt Institute president Thomas F. Schutte and sculpture professor David Weinrib, the sculpture garden showcases work by international and local artists, with the added goal of raising the school’s visibility. As curator and coordinator, Weinrib has carefully selected an array of contemporary works that provides a subtle contrast to the late 19th-century Romanesque and Beaux-Arts architecture seen across the campus and throughout the surrounding neighborhood. Although Weinrib rotates sculptures into the program every two to three years, a select few have remained much longer. As a result, the park remains a work-in-progress, constantly evolving within a serendipitous outdoor urban setting.

Raphael Zollinger, Welcome II, 2006.
Cement and steel.



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