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We Are the Landscape: A Conversation with Steven Siegel
by John K. Grande

Using pre-consumer and recycled materials—discarded newspapers, crushed soda cans, empty milk containers, and shredded rubber—Steven Siegel creates public art and site-specific installations in natural and urban contexts that reinvent the role of sculpture for an eco-conscious planet. Connecting art-making and environmental processes, he builds impressive trash sculptures that reflect the deposit-and-decay cycle that underlies the making of the land. His large boulders made of compressed cans and plastic bottles and multi-layered newspaper ridges awaken awareness of the sheer scale of consumer waste in a beautiful, integrative way. Installed across Europe and North America, as well as Asia, Siegel’s works prompt dialogue about society, landscape, and form—all with an eye for nature’s processes.

Biography, 2008–ongoing.
Mixed-media project with no fixed endpoint or dimensions.


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