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Fierceness and Fragility: A Conversation with Leslie Dill
by Ann Albritton

Lesley Dill’s sculptures made an impression on me some years ago at Graphic Studio in Tampa, particularly a tea-stained, paper dress that popped outward to become three-dimensional. A large traveling exhibition of her work—recently shown at the Saint Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts and on view at the Columbia Museum of Art in South Carolina through January 3, 2011—features numerous sculptures made of metal, paper, photographs, and fabric with seamless transitions from one medium to another. Dill integrates words, myth, and ideas with a variety of materials to attract and involve the viewer.

Rise, 2006–7.
Laminated fabric, hand-dyed cotton, paper, metal, and silk organza with cotton, 20 x 50 x 6 ft.



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