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Oranki Art Park
by Jeff Huebner

There are few, if any, sculpture parks whose wooded trails are strewn with moose droppings, edible mushrooms, reindeer moss, and lingonberries. Then there’s Oranki Art Park in Finland’s western Lapland. Here, as some 50 works made of wood, trees, and stone emerge out of the birch and pine forest, it is easy to believe in the nature spirits that animate much of the country’s sui generis environmental art. Located north of the town of Pello, hard by the Swedish border, and 25 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Oranki (named for a nearby settlement) may very well be the northernmost art park of its kind on the planet.

Aino Louhi and Kaija Papu, The Happiest Tree in the World (detail), 2008.
Knitted fabric, 25–30 ft. high.

Photo: Courtesy Oranki



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