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Mei Ling Hom: Cultural Voyaging
by Scott Rothstein

Mei-Ling Hom’s work is distinguished by her affinity with cultures often under-represented in contemporary art. Though she is based in Philadelphia, her world travels have led to rich social interactions that have enhanced her work. She is an astute observer who pays attention to details often overlooked by others, as well as a versatile artist. Her mostly site-specific installations range from the assertive and monumental to the seemingly weightless and ethereal. While always poetic, her works can also be political, engaging in current issues while remaining attuned to historical forms. With great sophistication, Hom addresses issues of cultural identity, gender, and globalization. Works such as Thai Space, China Wedge, Floating Mountains, Singing Clouds, and Golden Mountain transcend borders and present ideas both introspective and universal.

Silkworm Grind, 2000.
Silk, aluminum, and spice, 12 x 16 x 32 ft.

Photo: Gary McKinnis, Courtesy Fleisher/Ollman Gallery



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