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The Theater of Flow:
A Conversation with Lorna Jordan

by Suzanne Beal

Movement is of fundamental importance in Lorna Jordan’s work. Her environmental artworks range from green infrastructures that enhance watersheds and reveal the cycles and mysteries of water to site-specific sculptural pavilions and gathering places that embody progressions of form, to media works that incorporate light and projections. All of these projects use changing cycles and the drama of animated sequences to heighten our experience of the environment. Jordan’s works appear coast to coast, from wilderness to urban settings, shaping aesthetic solutions for environmental problems while stimulating the human imagination.

Lorna Jordan with Jones & Jones Architects and Landscape Architects
and Brown and Caldwell Consulting Engineers, Waterworks Gardens: The Knoll, 1996.
Grate-covered channel, basalt columns, plants, water, and paving, 11 x 34 x 100 ft.

Photo: David McDonald, Courtesy the artist



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