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This directory, the second of its kind (the first was published in Sculpture in 1984), focuses on resources for stone sculptors. The complete list (including indexes and keys enabling a reader to easily locate varying kinds of services) was published in the May/June 1997 issue of Sculpture magazine (available from the International Sculpture Center as a back issue for $7 plus shipping [for shipping charges and other information, contact the ISC at 202/785-1144).

Acquiring stone for carving is often challenging, due to its size, weight, and often remote location. The directory lists a range of stone suppliers-from quarries to dealers-as well as an assortment of tool and equipment suppliers, carving workshops, and other services. Although it is not comprehensive, this directory has more than 70 listings throughout the United States. The list is organized by state followed by international listings.

Several other excellent resources for stone sculptors exist on the Internet. A World Wide Web site,, features an extensive list of international stone suppliers and quarries. The U.S. Geological Survey, at, researches stone in the United States and can be helpful in locating particular types of stone (or contact the U.S.G.S. Minerals Information Team, Dimensional Stone department, at (703) 648-7710). Several magazines deal specifically with the stone industry, including Stone World and Contemporary Stone Design, both available by phone, (201) 599-2378, or e-mail, <>.


Purple Mountain Marble Co., Inc. 4520 Dolly Ridge Rd. Birmingham, AL 35243 205-245-0145 fax: 205-969-1223 Bernard Strauss, President Stone supplier Alabama white marble. Pre-cut stone and cut to size.


Scottsdale Artists' School 3720 North Marshall Way Scottsdale, AZ 85251 602-990-1422 fax: 602-990-0652 Ruth R. Kaspar, Executive Director Workshops Hand- and power-tool stone sculpting; five days, $375; all levels of instruction.


A Cut Above Distributing 16512 Arminta St. Van Nuys, CA 91406 800-444-2999 818-988-2799 Steve Gettleman, Marketing Manager Stonecarving tools and equipment National distributor of industrial abrasives and diamond products used in sanding, grinding and polishing metal and stone. Air-powered and electric-powered polishers and grinders; catalogue.

A. G. I. Marble Co. 8460 San Fernando Rd. Sun Valley, CA 91352 818-767-0102 fax: 818-767-0105 Abe Erieh, President Stone supplier, services Granite, marble. Cut to size; catalogue. Fabrication and installation of stone products.

Amato Stone Carving 2337 Vista Grande Dr. Vista, CA 92084 619-724-0338 Lucille Amato Workshops Workshops taught by master stonecarver Tony Amato every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday; 9 to 4 p.m.; year-round; $25; all levels of instruction.

Art City Sculpture Studios and Supply 31 Peking St. Ventura, CA 93001 805-648-1690 800-490-0746 fax: 805-648-1295 Paul Lindhard, Owner Stone supplier, tools, services, workshops, studio, gallery Alabaster, limestone, marble, onyx, soapstone, travertine. Pre-cut stone and cut to size. Hand tools, abrasive tools. Carving symposiums; $80 per session, $300 for four sessions; all levels of instruction.

Boggs Tool Processing and File Sharpening Co. 14100 Orange Ave. Paramount, CA 90723 562-634-1081 800-547-5244 fax: 562-634-0839 Cheryl Boggs, Marketing Director Tools, sharpening Files, burrs, forming tools, diamond abrasives, end mills; tool sharpening. Minimum order $10, catalogue.

Dodd Discount Marble and Tools - 21204 Bryant St., Canoga Park, CA 91304. Tel. in CA - 818 727 1336, in US - 800-2-SCULPT. Email: Dodd, Owner Stone supplier, tools, services, workshops Alabaster, anhydrite, calcite, charoite, granite, malachite, marble, onyx, rhodonite, semi-precious stones, soapstone, travertine. Minimum order $25; pre-cut stone and cut to size; catalogue; hand tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, diamond tools, safety equipment; hoists, table lifts. Classes, special seminars; two to three hours; free; all levels of instruction. Sculpture mounting.

Enviro-Safety Products 516 East Modoc Ave. Visalia, CA 93292 800-637-6606 209-625-5592 fax: 209-625-5595 Peggy Dahlvang, Co-Owner Safety products Respirators, safety goggles/glasses, hearing protectors, face shields, gloves.

Renaissance Stone 751 Moorpark St. Oakland, CA 94603 510-638-2404 R. Black Stone supplier, tools, services Alabaster, anhydrite, limestone, marble, soapstone. Pre-cut stone; hand tools, power tools; safety equipment, books; no mail order. Studio space, sculpture gallery, meeting space for sculpture groups.

Rustic Brick and Stone Co. 3150 Power Inn Rd. Sacramento, CA 95826 916-452-8114 fax: 916-452-8116 Mark Parreira, General Manager Stone supplier Granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, slate. Pre-cut stone.

The School of Classical Carving - 2745 16th St., San Francisco, CA 94103. Email: Katharine Agrell, Manager Workshops Handcarving in stone taught by Nick Fairplay; $600 for one week; $1,150 for two weeks; all levels of instruction.

Stone Sculptors Supplies PO Box 27656 Dept. R San Diego, CA 92198 619-489-1424v. fax: 619-496-2527 Lenore Aster, Owner Stone supplier, tools and equipment, workshops Alabaster, limestone, soapstone. Cut to size; catalogue. Imported and domestic hand tools and pneumatic tools. Alabaster hand and power carving workshops; individual and group instruction; year-round, four hours daily; $25 per session (nine classes for $195); summer workshop in Volterra, Italy, July 5-26, $1,995 (including lodging); all levels of instruction. Polishing and mounting of completed sculptures.

Stone-West 11024 Toyon Hill Dr. Lakeside, CA 92040 619-561-3390v. Fred Briscoe Stone supplier, tools, workshops Alabaster, granite, limestone, marble, steatite. Cut to size. Italian hammers, chisels, rasps. Beginning stonecarving workshops, studio assistance; four Saturdays; $200; all levels of instruction. Studio space, polishing, mounting.

Yuba Blue, Inc. PO Box 265 Smartville, CA 95977 916-639-2445 fax: 916-639-1000 Ralph Mullican, President Stone supplier, services Yuba blue boulders. Minimum order; pre-cut blocks and cut to size; catalogue. Individual workshops on use of diamond tools; $50-$100; beginner, intermediate. Stonecutting.


Anderson Ranch Arts Center PO Box 5598 Snowmass Village, CO 81615 970-923-3181 fax: 970-923-3871 Ketty Herb, Programs Administrator Workshops One-three weeks; $400-700; all levels of instruction; catalogue.

Colorado Alabaster Supply 1507 North College Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80524 970-221-0723. fax: 970-221-0723 Stan or Susan, Owners Stone supplier, tools Gray, pink, white alabaster. Cut to size; catalogue; hand tools, finishing supplies, books. eMARBLE/marble PO Box 481743 Denver, CO 80248 303-297-1429x fax: 303-693-7609 Madeline Wiener, Director Workshops Hands-on use of power tools, ongoing instruction as needed; eight days; $795, stone and tools provided; all levels of instruction, professional; health and safety information.

Western Sculpting Supply 2855 West 8th Ave. Denver, CO 80204 303-623-4407. fax: 303-623-8439 Mari, Owner Stone supplier, tools Alabaster, soapstone, Yule marble. Pre-cut stone; catalogue; standard stone tools, Milani tools, carbide tips.


G. V. Eads and Co., Inc. 160 Macedonia Rd. Kent, CT 06757 860-927-3553 fax: 860-927-4527 Gregory Eads Stone supplier Granite, chunks: small and large.

The Foredom Electric Co. 16 Stony Hill Rd. Bethel, CT 06801 203-792-8622 fax: 203-790-9832 Mark Comen, Sales Manager Tools Catalogue; flexible shaft rotary power tools and accessories; call for geographic list of dealers.


Contemporary Stone Sculpture 90 Smyrna Landing Rd. Smyrna, DE 19977 302-653-4810 Richard H. Bailey, President Marble bases Marble, onyx, soapstone; 1,000 lbs. minimum order.


Montoya Sculpture & Supply, 502 Palm St. # 21, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 561-832-4401, 800-682-TOOL, Fax 561-833-2722, Jeff Halverson, Pres. Since 1973, stone source and supplies, Italian and domestic hand and power tools, instruction books, compressors, adhesives, mounting pins, lift tables, antique sculpture books. Famous Sculptors Workshops since 1985, three, four & five day workshops for stone carving, mold making, pointing machine, clay, cold casting, and foam carving/finishing, beginner to experienced. Sculpture repairs, restoration, commissions, and gallery.

Stone's Sculpture Project 606 W. Industrial Ave. Boynton Beach, FL 33426 phone/fax: 561-364-1749 ,v. Stone supplier, tools and equipment, workshops Italian and domestic alabaster, limited soapstone, marble, and onyx. $25 minimum order; pre-cut; catalogue; Italian rasps, hand tools, electric tools, pneumatic hammers; grinders, lift tables, work tables. Stonecarving workshops with pneumatic tools; length of workshops vary; $45 per day; all levels of instruction.


Bicknell Supply Co. 360 College Ave. Elberton, GA 30635 800-241-7105 fax: 706-283-8230 James Turner, Manager Tools Catalogue; tools for all stages of stonecarving; hoists, hand trucks, platform trucks, pallet trucks.

Elberton Granite Association PO Box 640 Elberton, GA 30635 706-283-2551x fax: 706-283-6380 Thomas A. Robinson, Executive Vice President Association Information on quarriers, manufacturers of granite in Elberton. Stoneworking tools, supplies and machinery.

Georgia Marble Co. 200 Georgia Marble Ln. PO Box 238 Tate, GA 30177 800-241-3790 770-735-2611 fax: 770-735-2236 William H. Whyte, Sales Manager Stone supplier Marble: gray, pink, white. Minimum order $100; cut to size.

GranQuartz Trading Inc. 1804 Montreal Court, Ste. A Tucker, GA 30084 770-621-9777 800-458-6222 fax: 770-621-9771 fax (to order): 770-908-7890 Peter T. de Kok, President Tools, studio equipment Catalogue; full line of stone tools and equipment.


The Bloomington Area Arts Council 122 S. Walnut St. Bloomington, IN 47404 812-334-3100 fax: 812-323-2787 Frank Young, Director Nonprofit arts council First annual limestone carving symposium to be held September 7-13, 1997; instruction by master carvers; send SASE for information; $390; all levels of instruction.

Indiana Limestone Co., Inc. PO Box 1560 Bedford, IN 47421 800-457-4026, 812-275-3341, fax: 812-275-3344 George James, Marketing and Sales Stone supplier Indiana limestone. $2,000 or one truckload minimum order; pre-cut and cut to size, dimensional stone; catalogue for block and slabs.


Stonwurks, Inc. 314 Lincoln Ave. Clay Center, KS 67432 913-632-5687 fax: 913-632-6093 Lloyd E. Frigon, Sales Manager Manufacturer Fabricator of panelized natural stone; granite, marble; not for carving. Cut to size; catalogue.


Pegasus Tile & Stone, Inc. 533 B Codell Ct. Lexington, KY 40509 606-266-6665, 800-552-8035 fax: 606-266-6882 Jeffrey Deaton, President Stone supplier, fabricator Granite, marble, limestone, sandstone. Cut to size, pre-cut.


Cathedral Stone Products, Inc. Bristol Court, #107 Jessup, MD 20794 301-317-4658v. Brennan, Stone Division Stone supplier, tools and equipment, services, workshops Limestone, granite, marble. $250 minimum order; pre-cut stone and stone to size; pneumatic carving tools, carbide tools; no mail order. Stonecutting for restoration workshops, Jahn mortars workshop; three days, begin year-round; beginner instruction. Restoration, building stone, sculpture fabrication.

Maryland Lava Co. PO Box 527 Bel Air, MD 21014 410-838-4114 fax: 410-457-4333 Stone supplier Soapstone.


Contemporary Artists Center Historic Beaver Mill 189 Beaver St. North Adams, MA 01247 413-664-9550 fax: 413-664-4549 Eric Rudd, Director Workshops, residencies Limestone (free) from nearby quarry.


Flatlanders Sculpture Supply and Art Gallery 11993 East U.S. 223 Blissfield, MI 49228 517-486-4591v. fax: 517-486-2249 Ken Thompson, Partner Stone supplier, tools, services, workshops Alabaster, limestone, marble, soapstone. Pre-cut stone and cut to size; catalogue; chisels, rifflers, rasps, files, power tools, grinding disks, burls; hydraulic stone hoist, carving stands. stonecarving seminars, tutoring sessions; two-day seminars; $195; all levels of instruction. Custom bases, conservation and restoration, contract carving, gallery.


Hedberg Aggregates 1205 Nathan Ln. North Plymouth, MN 55441 612-545-4400v fax: 612-545-7121 Internet: Rob Swanson Stone supplier, services, workshops, association Alabaster, limestone, sandstone. Pre-cut stone and cut to size; masonry tools, some chisels and hammers; no mail order. Stone education workshops for architects and builders; One day; no cost; all levels of instruction. Stone cutting and fabrication, cost estimates.

Mankato-Kasota Stone, Inc. PO Box 1358 Mankato, MN 56002-1358 507-625-2746 fax: 507-625-2748 Pamela Mayfield, Sales Manager Stone supplier, quarry Dolomitic limestone. $250 minimum order; pre-cut and cut to size; dimensional stone; catalogue.

Park Industries, Inc. PO Box 188 St. Cloud, MN 56302 800-328-2309 fax: 320-251-8126 Gary Stroeing, Sales Manager Machinery for stone Sawing, polishing, and shaping machines; brochure.

Vetter Stone Co. PO Box 38 Kasato, MN 56050 507-345-4568 fax: 507-345-4777 Ron Vetter Stone Supplier Dolomitic limestone. Pre-cut stone and cut to size; catalogue.


Architectural Stone, Inc. 3325 Washington Ave. St. Louis, MO 63103 314-533-1002 fax: 314-533-9709 Bob Cradock, Manager Stone Supplier Granite, limestone, marble, onyx, quartz, quartzite, sandstone, slate. Pre-cut stone and cut to size; catalogue.

Diamant Boart, Inc. Stone Products Division 4320 Clark Boulevard Kansas City, MO 64130 800-845-1805 fax: 803-788-8863 Jerry Taylor, North American Sales Manager Tools Diamond blades, forming tools, saws, hand and polishing pads. Catalogue.

Jerusalem Stone 319 West 79 Terr. Kansas City, MO 64114 816-444-4405 fax: 816-444-4415 Sam Nachum, Owner Stone Supplier Dolomite limestone from Israel. Minimum order $500; pre-cut stone and cut to size; catalogue.


Granitech Research Box 226 Brookline, NH 03033 603-673-7441 fax: 603-673-2243 John Weidman, Owner Stone supplier, tools, workshops, services Granite, marble. Minimum order $25; pre-cut stone and cut to size; full line of stone tools and studio equipment. Technology and safety workshops; one to two days; cost varies; all levels of instruction. Health and safety information.


C.C.S. Manufacturing 100 Outwater Ln. Garfield, NJ 07026 201-546-9660 800-227-7785 fax: 201-546-9698 Bryan Mitnick, Vice President Stone supplier Granite, limestone, marble, slate. Minimum order; pre-cut stone and cut to size. Technical information.

Johnson Atelier 60 Ward Ave., Extension Mercerville, NJ 08619 609-890-2777vx fax: 609-890-2771 Internet: Walter Dusenberry, Stone Division Supervisor Stone supplier, services, workshops Alabaster, marble, specific stone upon request. Pre-cut stone and cut to size; catalogue. Hands-on demonstrations; 2 days-14 days; cost varies; all levels of instruction. Studio space, educational programs, publications, conservation, health and safety information.

Johnson Atelier Sculpture and Casting Supplies 50 Princeton Highstown Rd., Ste. L Princeton Junction, NJ 08550 800-732-7203 fax: 609-936-7206 Internet: Jonathan Epaminondas Stone supplier, tools Alabaster, marble, specific stone upon request. Minimum order $25; pre-cut stone and cut to size; catalogue on-line; hand tools, pneumatic tools, electric tools, safety equipment.

Sculpture House, Inc. 100 Camp Meeting Ave. Skillman, NJ 08558 609-466-2986. fax: 609-466-2450 B.F. Barrie, President Stone supplier, tools Alabaster, marble, soapstone. Minimum order $50; pre-cut stone and cut to size; catalogue; high carbon steel tools; stonecarver's stand.


Artida Arts, Inc. 56 Ludlow St. New York, NY 10002 212-777-4323v. Jill Burkee Workshops, stone, and tools Seminars in New York City (winter) and in Pietrasanta, Italy (summer); varies from four days to longer; three weeks, $1,350; all levels of instruction. White Carrara. Pneumatic Italian hammers, handmade chisels and files; air compressors.

The Compleat Sculptor, Inc. 90 Van Dam St. New York, NY 10013 800-9-SCULPT ,v.x 212-243-6074 fax: 212-243-6374 Internet: Marc Fields, CEO Stone supplier, tools, workshops, services Alabaster, granite, limestone, marble, onyx, sandstone. Pre-cut stone and cut to size; catalogue; carving, polishing, sanding, mounting, grinding tools; tables, lifts, compressors, accessories, safety equipment. Carving, mounting, moldmaking workshops; three days; varied cost; all levels of instruction. Books, videos, moldmaking services.

James Morton Inc. 50 Franklin St. PO Box 399 Batavia, NY 140201 800-828-1004 fax: 716-344-0025 Bonnie Reigle, Advertising Coordinator Tools Clamps, vises, hammers. Catalogue. Sold only through local dealers across the U.S., call for locations.

John Crawford Stone Carving Tools 609 Bergen St. Brooklyn, NY 11238 718-783-7172 fax: 718-783-9614 John Crawford, Owner Tools Hand chisels, pneumatic chisels, custom-made tools. Catalogue.

Sculptor's Supplies Co. 242 Elizabeth St. New York, NY 10012 212-334-3272 Martha Stone supplier, tools, equipment Alabaster, limestone, marble, onyx, soapstone. Pre-cut stone and cut to size; catalogue; hand tools, pneumatic tools; polishing supplies, safety equipment. Bases, pedestals, mounting, custom stonecutting.


Ultra Speed Products, Inc. 18500 East Aschoff Rd. ZigZag, OR 97049 503-622-4387 fax: 503-622-3252 Bill Vogel Tools Hand engraving and carving tools. Catalogue.


New England Stone Industries, Inc. 15 Branch Pike Esmond, RI 02917 , 401-232-2040 fax: 401-232-2087 Joseph D'Orsi Stone supplier Granite. Pre-cut stone and cut to size; catalogue.


Dakota Granite Co. PO Box 1351 Milbank, SD 57252 800-843-3333 fax: 800-338-5346 Jack Stengel, President Stone Supplier American Bouquet granite, Dakota mahogany granite. Pre-cut stone and cut to size.


Carl Schilling Stoneworks 62 Main St. Proctor, VT 05765 Contact: Marsha Hemm, 802-459-2200. Stone Supplier Variety of stones; pre-cut stone and cut to size. and the phone is 802-459-2200.

The Carving Studio PO Box 495 West Rutland, VT 05777 Phone/fax: 802-438-2097 jimgriff@sovernet Internet: Mike Winslow, Director Workshops, independent study, studio, stone Stonecarving workshops; varies from two days to two weeks; $125-$900; all levels of instruction; independent study, residency program, studio space. Vermont marble.

Gawet Marble and Granite Inc. Rte. 4, PO Box 219 Center Rutland, VT 05736 800-323-6198. fax: 802-773-3763 Phil Gawet, Manager Stone supplier, tools Black, verdi green and white Vermont. Pre-cut stone and cut to size.

Granite City Tool Co. 11 Blackwell St. Barre, VT 05641 800-451-4570 802-476-3137 fax: 802-476-8403 Mark Eisenwinter, Advertising Manager Tools Hand, pneumatic, electric tools; diamond products; hoists, pulleys, fabrication equipment. Catalogue.

Kokoro RR 1 Box 192 Castleton, VT 05735 802-273-2278 fax: 802-273-3402 B. Amore, Woody Dorsey Workshops Unique nature stones; stonecarving, stone in landscape; one to two weeks; $650 per week (meals and lodging); all levels of instruction. Consulting on stone resources and projects, crane service, stone setting, conservation and repair.

Rouleau Granite Co. PO Box 567, Metro Center Barre, VT 05641 802-476-6636, 800-343-4199 fax: 802-476-4243 Paul Rouleau, Sales Manager Stone supplier, services Manufacture memorial, architectural, and industrial stone. Barre granite, blue pearl, jet black, India red, Dakota mahogany, Canadian pink, mist black, impala black, Salisbury pink, mountain rose, Belmont rose, Bethel white, and more. Pre-cut and cut to size; catalogue. Custom sculpture and finishing; sandblast carving and lettering; epoxy assembly to 30-ton units; design services.

Trow and Holden Co. 45 South Main St. Barre, VT 05641 800-451-4349 802-476-7221 fax: 802-476-7025 Lauren LaMorte Tools Air-powered tools, hand tools, chisels, diamond abrasives, shims, wedges, drills; lifting equipment. Catalogue.

Vermont Structural Slate Co. Box 98 Fair Haven, VT 05743 802-265-4933 fax: 802-265-3865 Craig, Eric, Doug Stone supplier Marble, quartzite, slate. Pre-cut stone and cut to size; catalogue.


Inverness Soapstone Distributers, Inc. 1229 Harris St. Charlottesville, VA 22903. 800-373-6352 fax: 804-979-6416 Doug Hargrave, General Manager. Website: Stone supplier Soapstone: black pearl; 66 lbs. Pre-cut stones and cut to size; catalogue.

Tulikivi/The New Alberene Stone Co. 255 Ridge McIntire Rd. Charlottesville, VA 22903 804-977-5500 Fax: 804-977-5164 Schuyler Plant: Route 800, Box 300 Schuyler, VA 22969 804-831-1051 fax: 804-831-3432 Yonna E. Smith, Bill Cashatt Stone Supplier Scrapstone, soapstone. Pre-cut stone and cut to size; catalogue.


Creative Technologies Inc. 205 West Collins Dr. Casper, WY 82601 307-266-2797 fax: 307-266-2791 Don Hines, Owner Tools Rotary chisels. Catalogue.


The Sculpture Stone Company, box 53501, 984 w. broadway, vancouver, b.c. canada (604) 325-5399.

Wallace Quarries, Ltd. PO Box 203 Wallace, Nova Scotia B0K 1Y0 Canada 902-257-2014 fax: 902-257-2014 Thomas Flynn Stone Supplier Blue-gray and olive-gray sandstone; quarried stone.

Dellatolas Marble Sculpture Studio Spitalia Tinos 84200 Greece 011-30-283-23664 Annette Fougnies-Dellatolas Workshops Marble workshops range from bas-relief sculpture for beginners to advanced level marble carving and proficiency with hand tools; all participants work only with Tinos marble; two to three weeks; two weeks, $475; three weeks, $650; all levels of instruction.

Marble & Art Workshops (address from October to May each year) PO Box 7371 Oakland, CA 94601 510-533-8893 fax: 510-436-0630 (address from end of May to October) Casella Postale 244 55045 Pietrasanta (Lucca) Italy 011-39-584-792004 fax: 011-39-584-71198 Lynne Streeter, Director Workshops Stonecarving workshops taught by Italian master carvers take place in a professional studio in Pietrasanta, Italy; translator available; housing, crating, shipping assistance; visits to local studios, foundries, and quarries; June through September; four weeks, $1,900; two weeks, $1,250; all levels of instruction. Occasional workshops in Greece and France.

Marble Carving In Italy-Artspace, Valdicastello (In Italy) C.P. 22 55045 Pietrasanta (LU) Italy phone/fax: 011-39-584-772101 Kyle Smith (in the U.S.) 8 Wild Tiger Ln. Boulder, CO 80302 303-545-0007 fax: 303-545-0080 Elsie Wood Workshops Marble carving workshops in Pietrasanta, Italy; June to September; three weeks; $1,850; all levels of instruction.

Pietrasanta Marble Carving Studio PO Box 1552 Glen Rose, TX 76043 817-897-4774 Jill Sablosky Workshop Marble carving workshops in Italy. Hand tool and power tool techniques; four weeks, June through September, $1,500; all levels of instruction.

Sculpting in Italy 264 Elton Park Rd. Oakville, Ontario Canada L6J 4C1 905-845-9500 fax: 905-845-0247 Editt Davidovici Workshops Stone sculpture workshops in Italy; four weeks; $1,900; June, September; all levels of instruction.

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