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Jane Jaskevich

1110 Citadel Dr.
Atlanta, GA 300324, U.S.A.
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Phone: 404-320-9822

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Artist Statement

My stone sculptures are mystical in nature. 
My art reflects the coexistence of the conscious and subconscious, the symbolic and literal, and the ancient and modern.

I am a direct carver. I do not sketch  images. With an idea in my mind, I carve the piece. Being a figurative sculptor I usually start with the head and let it gauge the proportions for the rest of the piece. Sometimes I am inspired by an object. I recently found several antique juicers that looked like bird beaks to me so I created an Egyptian inspired Ibis. It is a disovery of the unconscious. My art evolves and is not totally planned out.

I am especially interested in combining various materials in my figures. I pay homage to the stones Greco-Roman roots. The winged figure is a favorite motif.  I recently created a Nike figure from stone and found objects.. She is ancient in that she is in head, arms or legs. She is modern in her wings are created from the curved back of an antique chair. She floats on  copper  plumbing tubing .

My stone sculptures invite the viewer to interpret thus creating their own stories