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Barry Gunderson

P.O. Box 515
Gambier, OH 43022, U.S.A.
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Phone: (740) 427-3770

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My studio is a continually busy place.  I like to think of myself as a sculptor whose primary work is in the field of public art.  Since the state of Ohio has implemented a “Percent for Art” Program I have been a participant.  I have won four commissions including the first in the Program.  The most recent project is “Eye to eye” installed at Kent State University in July 2010.  As other communities have also developed public art programs, I have been successful there as well.  Farther away, I have pieces in the states of Washington and Oregon - % for Art commissions.  Still farther away I have a project in New Zealand.


But public art is subject to the financial climate and in the past years I have not seen many competitions available.  Thus I have completed four series of sculptural work which has lead me into other, smaller directions.

The last three series:


The UMO’s – Useless Metal Objects (2005-09) 

A series of 50 welded and painted aluminum objects and my plan is to display them with one of my life-size figures titled “Man Surprised By The Things He’s Made”  (2005).   Each of the UMO’s are abstract forms where color, surface texture, and pattern are richly explored.


“A Door of One’s Own” (2005-06) Sabbatical work from Liverpool

A series of 15 architecturally based sculptures which are mounted on the wall with roofs thrust out into the gallery space.  These sculptures are based on my fascination with the terrace houses of northern England.


“A Second Look At Versailles” (2006-08)

A series of 10 pieces based on the antique site maps of the gardens of Versailles.  These pieces allowed me to remember my visit there in the mid-90’s and also the delights of visiting manor houses in and around Liverpool. 


“Dirt” (2009-present)

This new series explores the abstract patterns of plowing, tilling, seeding, and growing.  Amidst these patterns of the land is the architecture of the farm.  Red and white patterned barns, silos, and plotted gardens coexist with the cut-up wedges of land.  All of these workings of the land have provided me with vast sculptural opportunities.   These wall-mounted sculptures allow me to explore color, shape, and texture while thinking of the tenuous existence of the small family farm. 



Public Art Commissions


2010 – “Eye to Eye”  Ohio Percent for Art Commission, Kent State University


2001 – “Song and Dance”  City Sites Project, Lincoln Park Civic Commons, Kettering, Ohio


2001 -  “Coventry Arch”  Heights Arts Commission, Cleveland Heights, Ohio


1996 -  “Spountain”  Ohio Percent for Art, Ohio State Fairgrounds, Columbus, Ohio


1996 -  “Soaring”  Ohio Percent for Art, Ohio State Marion Campus Library Building, Marion, Ohio


1992 -  “Understorms”  Ohio percent for Art, Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio (Moved to Gambier, Ohio, in 2008)


1990 -  “Red Admirals”  Porirua City Council commission, Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand


1986 – “Pendleton Herd”  Oregon Percent for Art Commission, Eastern Oregon Training Center, Pendleton, Oregon


1983 -  “Parapodia”  Washington State Arts Commission, New Spaces for Art, Jemtegaard  Middle School, Washougal, Washington


1978 -  “Cloud Arch”  Downtown Plaza Commission, Portsmouth, Ohio