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Ze'ev Willy Neumann

320 West 87 St.
New York, NY 10024, U.S.A.
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Phone: Home: (212)362-4578,

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Art is a Form of Seduction

My art is created from exploring the reality in which I live with the world inside my head. My intention is to lure the viewer into the micro cosmos of the project I have made. Much like the seduction of nature, ideally the piece's beauty convinces the spectator of its immediate merit at first sight, which allows time for the concept to become clear. I do not restrain myself in uses of media, believing that it is the idea of the project that dictates the medium. Art is also an experimental journey — one travels through the unknown to find a solution for one's original idea. The results of this adventure are often as unexpected and surprising to the artist as they are to the viewer.