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Patrick F. McGuire

Jarrettsville, MD -, U.S.A.
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Phone: 410-557-0541

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Artist's Statement


The sculptures are like phrases from the text of a story about human beings and their relationship to the earth and the other creatures that live with us. Most are happy thoughts about time passing and changes. Many are about possibilities and ideals, addressed as in a myth to tell us about the spiritual part of man. The ideas is that all things have spirits and are alive.

Metamorphosis is clearly a metaphor for my view of nature. Concerned with representing the natural world not in its physical appearance but in its manner of operation. An operation which reconciles opposites and metamorphoses all things fusing past, present, and future. Water is the key. In it's cycles and transformations all life is enveloped. Conception, growth, and death locked into a wonderful circle which is forever changing. There is no end to find, only undulating movements that both follow form that exists and create form modeled just once. Water is key to all futures. Our futures must care for the key or vanish beyond the portal of nothingness. It is a belief in a system of analogies and correspondences in which everything else in the natural world and in which all things are imbued with a vital living spirit.