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B Lynch

Boston, MA 02130, U.S.A.
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In Praise of Folly - the Art of B. Lynch

  • Statement: My art is about folly -- which I, like Erasmus, take to be the heart of human nature. I investigate the good, the bad, ugly and sublime through my metaphorical constructions.   I borrow freely from art historical themes, but the pieces are indisputably of the here and now.  I work in many media, using my themes to unite my installations.
  • Commentary: Critics say of her work: **Lynch has inspiration and intellect to spare.  Her installation embraces the illogic of chance, double dealing, and rule breaking that too often define our lives.  Her work also includes the overt nod to Dada and recalls Duchamp's passion for chess. -- John Stomberg      ART New England.
    ** Lynch is a catalyst for understanding integral parts of human nature. Her questioning research and resultant art practice suggest that what we need to admit is that we, as humans, are both sacred and profane. – Rich Mckown   ART New England
    ** "All is Folly" succeeds in creating a kind of carnival of paintings - riotous and debauched, and altogether worthwhile.  -- Cate McQuaid   The Boston Globe.  
  • Bio: As an artist, B. Lynch, has been working with the topic of folly for the last fourteen years.  Her video has shown across the country and in Europe. Most recently at the Carnegie Mueum, Aurora Picture Show in TX. Her theatrical installations of the Folly pantheon have been shown at many solo exhibitions in New England including: Chain of Fools: Hogarth Reinterpreted by B. Lynch, a mixed media and video installation at University of New Hampshire spring 2004.  She presented the Throne Project 2003, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Fool’s Progress, Eastern CT State University,2003; The Game of Folly, 1999, The Art Complex Museum;  and Plucked Fruit, Montserrat College of Art, 1998.  Lynch has shown extensively in group shows including The Chicken Show at the Boston Center for the Arts fall 2001; as well as shows in Germany and the Midwest.  The New Bedford Film and Video Festival premiered her 20minute video: Lust and Knowledge in 2001.  Fortune's Fickle Lover was shown at the Brickbottom Gallery film/video festival October 2002. She presented a mixed media and video installation at UMass Amherst November 2004.  January 2006 her project, Just a Pack of Cards, with the Open Studio Program was presented at the Currier Museum in Manchester NH. Upcoming she is creating a site-specific installation for the newly renovated Children’s Museum Boston in 2007.
  • She has won seven awards for her projects and is a co-founder of the Hall Street Artist Collaborative, which produced its second outdoor video screening in 2003.  Her bibliography includes reviews in Sculpture Magazine, ART New England, the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, the Patriot Ledge, the Wire and others, as well as several exhibition catalogues, and two cable TV presentations.  She is included in the Springfield Ohio Museum of Art; The Boston Public Library; the Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, MA; Eastern Connecticut State University Collection; Private collections in the USA, Germany and Sweden.
  • As a teacher she has wide experience.  She is on the art faculty of Simmons College, Boston.  As part of a Colloquium funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities she lectured and displayed work at Hood College in Maryland, 2004.  Her popular lectures on the topic of Folly and art have been given at many universities and colleges, most recently at Art Break, the UNH Art Gallery lecture series and the University Hour lecture at E.CT State University.  Lynch received her training at the Museum School in Boston and BA from Kansas University.
  • Lynch asserts, Folly is art and life, and ultimately about risk-taking. "Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome" (Samuel Johnson).  Folly is what makes us human.  If we all play it safe, we cease to live.  I make art to celebrate life.