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Cameron Van Dyke

118 Holmdene NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503, U.S.A.
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Artist Statement

Cameron Van Dyke makes furniture/sculpture that enlivens the imagination through strong clean lines, proportional volumes, and color. The works are intentionally interactive and are meant to be explored visually as well as by sitting, leaning, and conversing on and around them. The function of the piece is left open enough that the viewer can find just the spot that they like to relax in, with some spots being surprisingly comfortable. There is also a conceptual aspect in each design, making the piece fit its location. The work is appropriate for urban streetscapes, parks, playgrounds, or lobbies.
Cameron works in durable materials such as steel, fiberglass, wood, or concrete depending on the design and type of situation that the piece will be used in. He tries to use material in its most natural form, enhancing the inherent strengths, and getting the most durable results possible.

Cameron Van Dyke has been a professional furniture maker and designer since 1993, doing many large private commissions and many one of a kind sculptural furniture designs shown around the country in museums and galleries. Over the recent years he has been shifting his focus toward public art. This passion for public art stems from the desire to make beautiful and interesting objects available to everyone. The approach to this work is done with the same professionalism that Cameron has used with his many private customers.