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Victoria McGeoch

Newport, RI , U.S.A.
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Phone: 401-855-6442

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I sculpt and draw to communicate the power of human movement. Inspired by music and dance, I try to capture the physical and emotional force of the human body, from individuals to couples in conversation. I draw in space, welding and bending rods into long fluid lines. Steel rods bestow each figure with functional and aesthetic strength. Certain lines give weight and direction, while other lines subtly highlight the profile of a man or a woman. I intend to communicate a bold gesture of movement with a fragmented and simplified form. As a counterbalance, I also sculpt and cast human heads and small figures into Bronze, grey Iron and Aluminium. This subordination of movement to detail and pause captures the raise of an eyebrow or the determination of a nose. Facial expressions become tactile experiences as I sculpt the sensuous nature of moving skin.

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