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kyle milne

Pittsburgh, PA , U.S.A.
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Explorations into different cultural environments have a profound effect on the sculptures that I create.  These works incorporate symbols derived from previous travels and interactions with foreign cultures, and explore issues of personal and cultural identity.  Physical interaction with foreign environments has transformed my works from Abstract, Minimalist sculptures into representations of ideas and influences from other societies.  Crossing boundaries, transgressing barriers, and moving through geographical and cultural locations play an important role in the meaning of these works.  This sensibility of interacting in a new environment, how the viewer perceives a culture, looking in from the outside, or vice versa, is important to the concepts within the sculpture.  The notion of a lost identity on this journey of discovery leads to a feeling of disconnection from the world.  Excursions through different countries engender new definitions of cultures that differ from my original perception.  Environments through which I interact allow ideas to materialize, creating a sense of isolation and an excursion into the unknown.  The role of identity in a new culture is important to these works, allowing an investigation into how one responds within a new domain.  My experiences allow me to connect to different cultures and ignore my own, while embracing a new society.  The interaction with people of unfamiliar cultures and travel into new domains exposes and influences the current direction of my work.  The concept of a journey has come under investigation, coupled with isolated perceptions from personal experience into dissimilar environments.