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marco rodrigues

61 jakson st
South River, NJ 08882, U.S.A.
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Marco Rodrigues started his career in Pero Pinheiro, Portugal where he studied in the International Sculpture Center. Since then, he has worked in Portugal for several years with masters of carving stone like Moises and Antonio Quina. He graduated from the school of visual arts Antonio Arroio, Lisbon, Portugal. He owns a vast list of numerous awards and accomplishments winning the first place award D. Fernando II presented for UNESCO-capital of culture in the category of Council Commission of Public Arts. He has collaborated with architects on various art projects locally and at a government level. He has showed his art of crafting stone around the world where he displays his art in Capital Museums and many public parks.

At the moment, Marco Bras lives in the United States of America in the State of New Jersey creating contemporaneous universe of playful forms. He continues to collaborate with architects on various public art projects tailored to specific commission briefs from private or public organizations, industry, or local and government entities.

He has also developed the expertise in some areas such as drawing , steel and wood.

If you are interested in creating a special custom piece of art, he works with point machines to copy from plaster molds into a final sculpture on stone like the ancient times trying to keep the skills alive and give it a contemporaneous touch of our modern civilization.