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Vicky Randall

727 Hand Avenue
Sarasota, FL 34232, U.S.A.
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Phone: 941-377-5792

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Artist Statement

Art is communication and my language is sculpture.  I began my form making with figurative work and have progressed to biomorphic abstractions. Still, I am drawn to the linear gesture of the human figure as it hints at the secrets of form and reveals movement.  My sculptures have sinuous linear vertical emphasis counter balanced by strong flat curvilinear planes and converge with the tension and energies of architectural mass.

As a sculptor I manipulate three-dimensional forms. All of my sculptures are titled “Clockworks.”  Clockworks are my attempt to understand and compile accounts about the nature of time.  I use abstractions of steel and light to exemplify my own impression of time.  

I approach sculpture as a quest. My artistic motivation is that of an inventor.  Striving for simplicity, I demand harmony between the landscape and the cityscape with my forms.  My work is place-specific as all the elements are considered when developing a concept.  My sculptures have been described as “having the presence of a stele – an ancient maker, delineating not so much a place or boundary but a state of being.”