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Riccardo Berlingeri

3104 Buckingham Cir
Middletown, NJ 07748, U.S.A.
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Phone: 732 671 4306

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Riccardo Alessandro Berlingeri received a 2012 Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts
Artist Statement
Most of my sculptures are entirely made from recycled newspapers and they pay tribute to the valuable role that for years printed news has played in defining our society's cultural models.
Throughout approximately the past three centuries printed news has not just formed our perception of the world but has also effectively contributed in shaping our awareness and concern for the natural environment.
Even though newspapers have often been seen as politically biased, their longtime contribution to civic engagement deserves recognition no matter how significant the transition to the digital media may be.
In my sculptures the paper's authenticity is totally respected and it is not affected by paint or by the use of chemical preservatives; what I have borrowed from Nature will eventually return to it in time.
Riccardo Berlingeri