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Barbara De Pirro

Phone: 360-426-6899

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I am fascinated by the brilliance and resilience of nature while at the same time its fragility & vulnerability.  I surround myself with its many forms, surfaces and textures. Nature is as much a part of my life as it is the impetus for all my recent work.  I create biomorphic sculptural forms and installations, interior and exterior, including temporary works in nature.  Working with a range of materials, natural and synthetic, I manipulate both in unexpected ways.  Through my art I hope to encourage reflection about our relationship with the environment.

 As nature creates life cell by cell, so I create my ‘Hive’ sculptures. Reclaiming hundreds of plastic bottles, I begin by cutting each into individual cellular shapes; stitching them together with staples a multifaceted organic form takes shape. Creating multiple segments in advance allows me to respond to each site uniquely, wiring & pinning them into the space, projecting the illusion that they formed naturally.  From a single cell evolves a row, a segment, one building upon the other, slowly, rhythmically, sprouting into its destined form.