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Washington Depot, CT 06794, U.S.A.
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Gitterman's sculpture was initially inspired by a love of ballet and modern dance. He states, “I thought about the movements of the dancers as a series of frames in an old celluloid film, and how just one of those frames could convey a fantastic sense of motion. I thought that capturing this ‘single frame of motion’ in a solid piece of sculpture would be a wonderful challenge.”


Sculpting maquettes in copper, wax or acrylic, Gitterman chooses to cast in bronze or fabricate in stainless steel. His work ranges from intimate hand size pieces to dramatic work well beyond human scale. The surface texture and color of each piece accentuates either dynamic movement or sensual form. Whether they are clean crisp stainless steel or bronze with a leather-like patina or a vibrant yellow knot, they are abstractions and gestures; they are about fluid form. He does not make editions thus each of his works is an original.