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Susan Ferrari Rowley

197 Stewart Rd
Scottsville, NY 14546, U.S.A.
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Phone: 585-889-0823

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MFA, MST, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

Graduate Studies, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

BA, State University College at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

AA, Nassau Community College, Westbury, LI, NY


2010   OK Harris Gallery, Manhattan, NYC. April/May

2007     OK Harris Gallery, Manhattan, NYC.  March/April.

2007   Renaissance Gallery, Rochester, NY. September/November.

2006  Wells College, Auburn, NY. September/October.

2004  (2 person)The Chaney Gallery, Maryland Hall,  Annapolis, MD. April/May

1997  MyungSook Lee Gallery.  New York, NY.  September.

1997  Synesthesia Gallery, Ltd.  Rochester, NY. July/August.

1996  Art Association of Harrisburg Galleries.  Harrisburg, PA.  March/April.

1995  14 Sculptors Gallery.  New York, NY.  February/March.

1992  Dawson Gallery. Rochester, NY.  February/March.

1991  55 Mercer Street Gallery.  New York, NY.

1991  Roberts Wesleyan College.  Rochester, NY.

1990  Fota Gallery.  Alexandria,VA.  July/September.

1990  SUNY Geneseo. NY.  October.

1990  101 Wooster Street.  New York, NY.  January/April.

1990  Wells College, Aurora, NY.  April.



2010  Davison Gallery, Roberts Wesleyan College.  Three-person invitational.  September.

2006  B.J. Spoke Gallery.  Selected by Adrian Sudhalter, Curatorial Assist. Of the Dept. 

of Painting And Sculpture, MOMA, NYC.  Mar./Apr.

2005-2006    Burlington County College Sculpture Garden Exhibition. Juror: Susan

Davis, Director, Fine Arts Pgm. Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia.

2003-2004  James Madison University Outdoor Sculpture Invitational.  October/August.

2002   International Juried Show.  New Jersey Center For Visual Arts. Juror: William   

              Zimmer, Art Critic/Journalist for the ‘New York Times” since 1981.   January/March.

2001- 2002  Contemporary Sculpture at Historic Forest Hills Cemetery.

               Curator:  Rebecca Reynolds, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. September 2001/August 2002

2001    Selected as first alternate for exhibition at BJ Spoke Gallery by Dana Miller, Assist. Curator, Whitney Museum of Art, New York, NY.

2001  Northshore Sculpture Park, Skokie, IL. Invited and funded for extended loan.

1999  Juror/Invitational Exhibitor: Sculpture of The Spirit.  Outdoor site-specific. Forest     Lawn Cemetery. With D. Shultz/Director, Albright Knox Art Gallery, and Dr. K. Grant, Dean, State University of NY, Buffalo.  Acquired for Permanent Collection. June/October. 

1998  Art of The Spirit. Outdoor/site specific.  Forest Hills Cemetery, Forest Hills Educational Trust,

             Boston, MA.  Purchased for Permanent Collection.  Jurors: Rebecca Reynolds and Jonathan Fairbanks, Curators 20th Century Sculpture and Decorative Arts, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. April /October. 

1995  Invitational:  Memorial Art Gallery of The University of Rochester(Museum).      

             Rochester, NY.  June/September.

1994  International ‘94. New Jersey Center for the Visual Arts. Juror: Robert Buck/Brooklyn Museum. March.

1994  Unbound.  Maryland-National Capitol Park/Planning Commission,  Fort Wash, MD.  June/August.

1994  66th Juried Exhibition.  Art Association. of Harrrisburg, PA.   First Prize/Sculpture from Frank Gettings, Hirshhorn Museum.  Washington DC.  April/May.

1993  National Exhibition.  Cooperstown Art Assn.  Juror: Ivan Karp, OK Harris Gallery, NY.

1993  Invitational: Dimensional Women.  SUNY Geneseo, NY. September/October.

1992  BASF Exhibition.  Dalton, GA. 

1992  Alexandria Museum of Art.  Alexandria, LA.  September.

1992  Invitational.  St. Louis, MO.  July.

1992  North American Sculpture Exhibition.  Golden, CO.  May/June.

1992  Prix D’Art Urban.  Maubeuge Fine arts Museum, France.  June/July.

1991  Sculpture’91. Highland Park, Rochester, NY.  June-October.

1990  Excellence 90.  Sculpture.  Dallas, TX.  July.

1990  National 90.  Adams Memorial Gallery, Dunkirk, NY.  July/August.

1990  Invitational.  Art Connections.  Bethesda, MD.  April.

1989  Artitudes International Competition. New York, NY. Certificate of Excellence.

1989  International.  Pittsburgh Center  for the Arts, PA .  Award.  September/October.

1989  Materials:  Hard and Soft.  Center for Visual Arts.  Denton, Texas.  September/October.

1989  8th Annual September Competition.  Alexandria Mus. of Art, LA.  Benezra, Curator Painting and Sculpture.   Art Institute of  Chicago.  August/September.

1989  New Art/New Material.   North Carolina State University.  Jury:  Bloomer/Yale.  Buic/Czechoslovakia,  Hinman/USA.  September/November.

1989  Chautauqua 32nd National Exhibition of Amer. Art.   NY.  Juror:  R. Williams/Metropolitan Museum of Art,   Best of Show.  Purchase for permanent collection.  June/July.

1989  Conference ‘89.  Anchorage, Alaska.  June.

1988  International Art Competition. Jurors: Messinger/Metropolitan Art Museum, Satz/Whitney Museum                     of American Art, Little/Art in America.

1988  BASF Competition.  Dalton,GA.  June/July.

1988  Materials:  Hard and Soft  Center for the Visual Arts.  Denton, Texas.  September/October.

1988  National Exhibition.  Center of the Arts.  UW Whitewater, WI.  July/August.

1988  The Wichita National.  Wichita Art Assn., KS.  September/October.

1988  Wyoming National Exhibition.  Nicolaysen Art Museum.  March/May.

1988  National Exhibition.  Rockford Art Museum, Il.  November/December.

1987  Invitational:  America House Gallery, NY.  March/April.

1987 American/Canadian Invitational.  Goldome Center, Buffalo.  July.

1986  Space Sails.  Midland, MI.  February/April.

1986  The Octagon National. Ames, Iowa.  December/January.

1985  National 85.  Access to the Arts.  Dunkirk, NY.  November/December.

1985  National Exposition.  Sands Point, NY.  April.

1984  Invitational.  Firehouse Gallery.  Nassau Community College, NY.  December.

1984  Invitational:  Six Plus Twelve.  Pyramid Arts Center.  Rochester, NY.  February/March.



Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY

Forest Hills Educational Trust, Boston, MA

Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY

Chautauqua Art Institute, Chautauqua, NY



WXXI David Perlman Interview; Simon Pontin Radio Show.

CH 13 Rochester Morning Show.  Kristen Miranda Interview.

Charles Kurault.  Nationally televised spot.

The Charles Billings Radio Show.  Memphis, Tennessee.

P.B.S.:  The artist and Her Work.


WRITTEN COMMENTARY (brief list of publications/years)

Review: Abstract Art Online; New York Views; Joe Walentini (critic). 2007

Sculpture Magazine; Solo Exhibitions, 2007

The New York Times; 2006, 2000,1984

City Newspaper, Rochester, NY. Sept. 12, 2007, 1997,1990

The Concrete Producer; 2004

International Cemetery and Funeral; 1999

Catalog Essay: Robert Morgan (critic); 1997

The Geneseo Compass; 1990

Monthly Crafts: Seoul, Korea, 1990

American Craft Magazine; 1991,1986,1985,1984

Fiberarts Magazine; 1991,1986,1985,1984

American Craft Magazine;1991,1986,1982

The Democrat and Chronicle: Rochester, NY; 2007,1999,1997,1992,1986,1983

The Times Union: Rochester, NY; 2004,1991,1986

The Buffalo News: Buffalo, NY

The Commercial Appeal: Memphis, TN; 1989

Upstate Magazine: Rochester, New York; 1989

The New York Art Review; 1982