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Wenqin Chen

Wanghai Road12, Siming District
Xiamen City, Fuijan 361009, China
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Phone: +86-(0)13159216898

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Wenqin Chen

Born in 1979 China
Live and work between Britain and China
1999.07 BA at Arts & Design College of Fuzhou University   CHINA;
2004.10 Graduated from the Southampton University, was awarded the Master of Arts in Sculpture   UK;
1999 Attained the second prize of Harbin international snow carving competition in Harbin   CHINA;
2000 Designed and made relief sculpture for the China Millennium Monument in Beijing   CHINA;
2001 Became a member of the Professional Sculpture Committee of China in Beijing   CHINA,
2004 obtained the Resident Permit in Britain as an Artist   UK.
2009 work of "Up Side Down" trees won the runner up of the 4th showdown at Saatchi Gallery   UK;
2009 Work of “Bring Out” has been shortlisted for the inaugural Spitalfields Sculpture Prize in London   UK;
2010 Work of “Infinity Curve” collected by Prof. Dr. h.c. Viktor Dulger donated to the town of Heidelberg that is erected at important location   GERMANY.
2011 Work of “Endless Curve” is a winner of the "Public Speaks" for the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize   UK;
2000 Work of “New Generation” was selected for Science and Art exhibition at Museum of China in Beijing   CHINA;
2003 Installation work of “Human Civilization, Spirit and Strength” showed in the Winchester Gallery in Winchester   UK;
2004 Solo show at FarmiloFiumano Gallery in London   UK;
2006 Series works of “Perfect” showed at the Cavendish Gallery   UK;
2007 The environment theme sculpture exhibition of "Color of Life" hold by   Wenqin Chen and Xinmin Fu in Xiamen   CHINA;
2007 Work of “Will Be” showed at the Third Songzhuang Art Festival in Beijing   CHINA;
2008 Work of “Changing” was selected for the first sculpture exhibition of Fujian Province at Xiamen City Art Gallery   CHINA;
2008 Work exhibited at Chinese Condition Art Show in Xiamen  CHINA;
2008 Work of “Life Posture No.1” showed at the Third exchange exhibition of Chinese and South Korean sculpture in Beijing   CHINA;
2008 Nov. Work of “Comparison No.1” I showed at the Tallinn Winter Exhibition   ESTONIA;
2008 Works of “Changing”, “Up Side Down” and “Kang” showed at the first Cross-Strait China Cultural Industry Fair in Xiamen   CHINA;
2008 DEC. Work of “Life Posture No.1” show at the Open Exhibition "IN COMMON" New Greenham Arts    UK;
2009 Work of “Comparison No.1” showed at the Art of Peace 2009 Exhibition USA
2010 Work of “Standing Egg” was selected for the first international contemporary art festival China Jimei in Xiamen   CHINA