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Jill King

1402-1/2 Greenleaf
Evanston, IL 60202, U.S.A.
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Phone: 847 475-5393

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Jill King’s sculptures journey us from the smallest elements of creation such as a seed under a microscope or into vast galaxies light years away. The idea of creating tangible art forms based on untouchable/invisible cosmic forces is what intrigues her. Jill’s organic sculptures, highlight the glory and intricacy of the natural world and represent the cycles of life through the power of growth and transformation. King’s works are built from an extravagant range of materials, such as steel, gauze, silk, colored pigments, acrylic gels and more…. Formed by stretching a fabric over a linear steel construction, her art looks like fantastical, botanical drawings or celestial cloud formations that have come to life in three dimensions. Like a blossoming plant, King’s artworks incorporate and utilize light as it shines through their colorful, opaque layers.