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Lynn Simmons

21 Coolidge Road
Worcester, MA 01602, U.S.A.
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Lynn Simmons is a visual artist and teacher who lives and works in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her work has been exhibited at the Portland Museum of Art 2007 Biennial (Maine), the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Portland, Maine, the Davis Art Gallery in Worcester, Assumption College, the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and the Worcester Art Museum.  In 2008, Lynn was honored with Best of Show in Worcester, Massachusetts’ first outdoor sculpture exhibition Art in the Park: An Exhibition of Sculptures by New England Artists.  She holds a BFA in Sculpture from the Maine College of Art in Portland and MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier.  




My visual work is constantly involved in a conversation between nature and abstraction, location and desire, and activism and materials.  Most of us live out our days around a set of routine actions, and in those actions form belief systems.  Since art exists within a social context I am constantly searching for ways to include art and art making in those actions.  The potential of art that I am interested in is the transformative power of the creative process, both in the making and the viewing: specifically the potential that art has to remind us of connections between each other and to things larger than ourselves.