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Gary Beals

2030 n. 17th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85007, U.S.A.
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Phone: 602-261-7969

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 Gary Beals


2030 North 17th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85007 602.261.7969

My Work

My sculptures are made from steel. I fabricate the pieces by welding and grinding sheet steel: mostly stainless steel or Corten weathering steel, which I allow to rust naturally. Corten steel is ideally suited for outdoor sculpture since it rusts up to a point, developing a rich walnut-brown color, and then stops rusting. The sculpture will never rust to a state of deterioration. Recently, I’ve used a fused plastic powder coating, which imparts a durable colored finish to the pieces. I’ve also commenced producing small solid aluminum tabletop size sculptures.

For ideas, I have drawn on my regional experiences. I was raised in New Mexico and I admire the mixture of Spanish, Native American and Anglo cultures. I’ve also been influenced by contemporary architecture including the work of Steven Holl, Rem Koolhass and the radical reconstruction of Lebbeus Woods.


I studied art privately in Albuquerque from the time I was eight years old through high school. I also studied art at the University of New Mexico (non-degree). I later became immersed in furniture design/development and marketing with Knoll International and Litton Industries. These endeavors taught me the discipline required for taking a design from its conceptual stage through the various iterations necessary to develop a successful finished product. I follow much the same approach in designing and fabricating a piece of abstract sculpture.

Shows and Exhibitions

1993. Sedona Sculpture Walk – a juried show comprised of 400 works from 80 artists. One of my pieces was awarded one of six special juror’s awards.
1994. Sedona Sculpture Walk.
1995. Los Alamos, NM, Summer Sculpture Exhibition. One piece was a jury award winner. 1997. Los Alamos Summer Sculpture Exhibition.

Spring 1999. Sculpture exhibition at Shemer Art Center in Phoenix.
Spring 2001. “The Big Little Sculpture Show” at the Shemer Art Center.
April 2002. Two man show with painter Mark Vinci at New Urban Art, Phoenix.
December 2003: exhibited my work as one of the artist selected to represent the United States at the Biennale in Florence, Italy.

Fall 2004. National Miniature Exhibition, The Albuquerque Museum. .
February 2006,one of 60 artists Invited to participate in the International Sculpture Biennale in Palm Springs. Received Curators award as one of the top ten artists.
October 2007, included in a sculpture exhibition consisting of works from the collection of Walter Goldschmidt at Scottsdale Museum of Cotemporary Art.
February 2008, One man sculpture show, Bridge Gallery, Scottsdale.

Public Art

April 2004. Installed a monumental stainless steel sculpture at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.
January 2006, Installed a major public art piece for the City of Tempe, Arizona.
October 2010, Installed a major public art piece at the Santa Fe Public Library.



Private Commissions

Walter and Karla Goldschmidt (2) Herbert and Elsa Roth
Robert and Ruth Vogele
David and Mary Jo Christianson (2) Valley Commerce Bank

Ted Wyshavanuk and Telia Kitely

Gallery Representation

Gebert Contemporary Gallery, Scottsdale

Karan Ruhlen Gallery, Santa Fe

Sculpture Site, Sonoma, California