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Christopher Gulick

2704 julianne
Wichita, KS 67203, U.S.A.
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Phone: 316-945-4440

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Christopher Gulick CV/ Statement
My primary focus is the visual kinetics of sculpture.
It is my intention to bring to view the” negative space”.
Open air always provides a blank canvas for movement of shape and color. Architectural lines and the motion of nature are primary inspiration for my work. My designs come from three basic mindsets: mechanical, organic, or a combination of the two. The design goal is building the piece to appear kinetic to the eye, even when the work is static
Works are typically suspended, but some are also wall mounted and free standing.
I work on site-specific commissions as well as my own studio projects.
Large scale works are executed via contract fabricator.
Materials range from bronze, brass, aluminum, cold/hot rolled steel or stainless steel rod for the “armatures”. Materials for “ballast” (or positive space) vary from sheet metal to acrylic to found material objects.
View online portfolio:
Solo Exhibit: New Art Center
October 2-22:
Manhattan, NY
Commission: Maquette study for Wichita Art Museum.
                      Full scale work and installation pending (TBA 2012)
Curatorial project by Mary Werner and Christopher Gulick.
January, 28-February, 18.
“Ars Ex Machina”.
Artist: Lee Shiney, Exhibit will feature selected works, a kinetic installation
and a lecture by Christopher Gulick and Lee Shiney
DeMattias Fine Art Center, Newman University, Wichita, Kansas
Commission: Maquette for Kansas Turnpike Authority atrium sculpture.
Public Relations Booth Exhibit
One of a Kind Show– Chicago
December 2-5
Featured Artist Exhibit: Reuben Saunders ArtWorks Gallery, Wichita Kansas
Commission: Maquette for Botanica Garden. Wichita, Kansas
Commission: Price-Harris Elementary school USD 259
Commission: B. Valliant. Pipe-organist. Wichita Kansas
ISC International Sculpture Conference
London, UK
Wichita Kansas USA Delegate
Guest speaker “Art Challenge”. Education lecture series. Friends University, Wichita, Kansas
Wichita Art Museum
An exhibit featuring Tom McGuire, Lee Shiney and Christopher Gulick
HELD OVER for year 2009-2010.
Workshop and Exhibition
June 23 - July 10, 2009
ANNEX:art at Gallery OS8
Presented by Christopher Gulick
Workshop in Tangendorf, Germany
Concurrent Solo Exhibit of workshop inventory
Gallery OS8
Oderstrasse 8, Berlin, Germany
Commission: P. Von Lichtenberg. Tangendorf, Germany
 September 18-27, 2009
Wichita, Kansas
“Gulick / Gulick”
Daniel Gulick Jr. and Christopher Gulick
Dueling Solo Exhibit
Commission: S. Gleissner, WAM Curator private collection
Collection: L Fitzgerald, WAM preparator.
Solo Exhibit: “Sketches and Maquettes”
Wichita Center for the Arts
Aug, 31- Oct, 31, 2008
Group Exhibit: “Re.Action” AnnMarie Sculpture Garden,
Solomons, Maryland
May,30- September, 1
Commission: N. Chan, Singapore, Malaysia
Commission: S. & D. Sinclair. Wichita KS
Commission: K. & G. Stevens. Wichita, KS
Commission: R. Saunders
“9 Takes” Walnut St. Gallery. Wichita, KS
“A Sense of Place”. Group Exhibit Curated by Trish Higgins
Reviews by Chris Schull, Wichita Eagle. ( 02-23-07, 03-30-07, 05-04-07)
Solo Exhibition: “Christopher Gulick, Kinetic Mobile Sculpture”
 Gallery 24 ( Berlin, Germany
Juried Group Exhibition: “2006 International Assemblage Artist Exhibition”
 Gallery 24 ( Berlin, Germany
Exhibition: 110 Gallery. Williams Spurgeon Kuhl & Freshnock Architects, Inc.
                   North Kansas City, MO.
Loan Exhibit: WSKF Architects. Boardroom. North Kansas City, MO.
Loan Exhibit: City Hall, Roeland Park, Kansas.
Exhibition: Gloria Kennedy Gallery, Brooklyn, New York. September
Fund raising exhibition: Spring Gallery. Brooklyn, New York.
Commission: S&J Randall. Wichita, KS.
Commission: J. Blehm. Wichita, KS
Commission: C. Martin. Wichita, KS.
Commission: J. & A. Cyphers. Wichita, KS.