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Rafael Pizani

none, , Venezuela
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Rafael Pizani, plastic artist. Born on January 17, 1940 in Caracas, Venezuela. His first contact with art was in Viña del Mar, Chile, where he lived for many years in the early 1950’s. His contact with the Pacific Ocean with its majesty, as well as its beauty, impressed him in such a way that lead him to study in the School of Fine Arts (Escuela de Bellas Artes) of that city where he took his first steps into drawing and painting.

Years later, he traveled to the United States, England, France, Spain, Italy and other countries where he visited countless museums and galleries, and received influences of artists like Greco, Brancusi, Giacometti, Gaudí and the sculptor Noguchi, due to the elongated figures or their marvelous work on rock, wood and other materials. He oriented and formalized his artistic restlessness with studies made in different art schools, outstanding the workshop of Wood Carving taught under the direction of the distinguished Polish Venezuelan sculptor, recipient of the National Prize of Sculpture, Harry Abend, at the Sofia Imber Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Sofia Imber), where he not only learned to use the gouge and the mallet, but also to engage a permanent dialogue with the wood and the matter in general. As well as in the workshop of the Artes del Fuego Cándido Millan School (Escuela de Artes del fuego) in Caracas and others, inclining himself to sculpting on wood and investigating, afterwards, other materials with Cumarebo rock,  common rock, and bronze.

Pizani has carried out an extensive work full of social sensitivity with inspired pieces from the common life of people from the countryside and the city, of his country and, equally, with the fragility of the world and its inhabitants. Lately, he has captured in his works these themes, united to his restlessness stimulated by the unstable situation his country is living through.

Concerning his work, Raphael Pizani says: “All my sculptures, although some of them can be related to misery, poverty, oppression, fatality or totalitarianism, have been made with the thought placed on the need to live better: on the man free of thought and his actions, on the need of life, not of death. Of a better way of living for the Human Being”.

Among the most important individual expositions are:
Individual Expositions:
  • Art Gallery, Simón Bolívar University (Universidad Simón Bolívar), Caracas, Venezuela. February to March 2011
  • Dimaca Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela. June to July 2010
  • Dimaca Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela. 2009
  • Tamarindo Art Center , Valle Arriba Shopping Center. Caracas, Venezuela. 2009
  • Arte y Encuentro Gallery, Vizcaya Shopping Center. Caracas, Venezuela. 2009
  • Los Naranjos Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela. 2007
  • Edición Limitada Gallery, San Ignacio Shopping Center. Caracas, Venezuela. 2007
  • La Petite Galerie. Caracas, Venezuela. February 2003
  • Municipal Art Gallery  Giberto Bejarano. Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela. April 2001
  • Modern Art Center – SOTAGE. Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela. April 2001
  • Catholic University Andres Bello (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, UCAB). Caracas, Venezuela. March 2001
  • PEQUIVEN S.A. Caracas, Venezuela. January 2001
  • Archeological Museum San Felipe El Fuerte. San Felipe, Venezuela. October 2000
Collective Expositions:
  • XI Iberoamerican Fair of Art (Feria Iberoamericana de Arte, FIA). Caracas, Venezuela. 2002
  • Dimaca Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela. March 2001
  • Dimaca Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela. January 2001
  • D'Museo Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela. October 2000
  • I Saloon of Unknown Artists – AVEPANE. CARACAS, Venezuela. October 1997
Works mentioned in the following Publications:
  • Geo Venezuela 8 (Cultural Geography). Polar Foundation, Caracas, 2009, Pgs. 225.          
  • Escultura en Venezuela (Sculpture in Venezuela) 1960-2002. Juan Carlos Palenzuela, Caracas, CITIBANK, 2002, Pgs. 278.
  • Art Market, No. 3, International Art Market, C.A., January-March 1999, Pgs. 138.
Vocational Education in Art
Woodcarving, Professor Harry Abend
Contemporary Museum of Art Sofía Imber
Caracas, Venezuela
Sculpture – Basic Techniques, Escuela Artes del Fuego (School Artes del Fuego) Workshop
Caracas, Venezuela
Sculpture (modeling) with Professor Guillermo Pinto
Caracas, Venezuela
Paint Workshop with Professor Loris Barey
Caracas, Venezuela
Escuela de Bellas Artes (School of Fine Arts)
Viña del Mar, Chile