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Sculpt Nouveau

Director: Ron Young
570 N. Tulip St.
Escondido, CA 92025, U.S.A.
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Phone: 800-728-5787     Fax: 760-741-1074

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Hours of operation:
8AM to 5PM Pacific Time

  1. Finishes and Patinas

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The founders of Sculpt Nouveau, Ron and Debbie Young, have been in the patina and metal finishing business for over 25 years and have more than 40 years experience with all types of metal finishing products.

Ron Young has exhibited extensively for over thirty years on both coasts and has been collected by universities and museums, including the Whitney Museum. He received a MFA in sculpture from UCLA and an ABA from the Academia de Belle Arte in Rome, Italy. He has been featured in many publications, including Sculpture Magazine, Art in America, Art News and Architectural Digest.

Sculpt Nouveau is a manufacturer and distributor of patinas, metal finishes, waxes, lacquers, oils, metal coatings and rubs. These products are also sold by many distributors throughout the United States. The customer base that use the metal finishes runs from metal artists to jewelry makers to sculptors, potters, taxidermists, motorcycle fabricators, etc. Sculpt Nouveau has a dedicated, knowledgable staff that is ready to answer your metal finishing questions and  Ron Young continues to teach workshops all over the country.