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Adam Wiedmann

219 Anderson St. Suite #3
Portland, ME 04101, U.S.A.
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Phone: 207 773 5433

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Adam L. Wiedmann is a sculptor based in Portland, Maine. He creates abstract, organic formed sculpture primarily in stainless steel. His work can be found throughout the world in private and public collections. As an artist it is his goal to transform a hard industrial material into soft balanced works inspired by nature.

Adam was born and raised in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts. This culturally rich and naturally stunning environment fostered a sense of exploration for him. In his teen years this led him to many outdoor sports. After high school Adam traveled West in the foot steps of two men for whom he was named; Meriwether Lewis, the explorer, and his Great, Great uncle Adam Clark Vroman, the renowned naturalist and photographer.

As a student at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, Adam majored in History. While there he found his way into a sculpture class to fulfill an art requirement and discovered his calling under the apprenticeship of Bruce West, the celebrated public works sculptor. His passion for sculpture led him to spend every free moment in Mr. West's studio honing his craft. What soon followed was both his first show and commission.

After college, Adam returned to the East Coast, landing on the beautiful coast of Maine. He opened his first professional studio and started creating new works. Adam found immediate success and has since participated in numerous solo and group shows in North America. His work is in extensive private collections all over the world. Notable projects include The Ford Motor Corporation's Partnership in Quality Award Sculpture, and collaborative work with both Thomas Moser Furniture and the Blackberry Corporation.

The austere beauty of these sculptures owe much not only to the Maine coast where Adam currently resides but also the Berkshire Mountains where he grew up and the Northwestern Cascades where he was educated.

Adam's sense of exploration is alive and well today. He now explores the world and nature in pursuit of inspiration through his young daughter's eyes and has been known to get boundlessly lost in the great Maine woods chasing trout with his fly rod.