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Joel Shapses

5760 Shirley St #17
Naples, FL 34109, U.S.A.
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Phone: 9548303156     Fax: 239-431-5008

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Artist’s Statement


Works in Stone


When working in stone inspiration comes from a variety of areas. If it is an abstract piece, then the stone itself helps guide me to the finished creation. Representational works have a special inspiration. That inspiration comes from the human or animal form. The stone still plays a final role because the grain of the stone may not let me choose the final form.

All of my sculptures are created out of a vision given to me by the “muse” I allow it to inspire me to create the finished piece of work




I began working with fused glass two years ago when a dear friend and colleague of mine introduced me to the process. I immediately became infatuated

with the medium and the new world of infinite colors. The medium is very difficult to work with because glass behaves the way it wants to and not always what the artist had in mind. This sometimes works in my favor. Being a three dimensional artist I began working glass as sculpture. This year I had the idea to combine glass with translucent stone. This has opened up a new area to explore but the two mediums are difficult to marry. When they finally merge ,the result is



With all of these combinations of materials there is no end to the possibilities of the creative process.



Neon, LED lights and Stone


The idea of combining neon with stone came to me over thirty years ago. I had been working with some translucent stones such as alabaster and onyx when I thought that if these stones could be illuminated from within it would enhance the artistic effect.  Not only would it bring out the internal nuances of the grain of the stone but would enhance the color as well. I could also take a stone that was colorless and create new variations of color with that stone.

Recently a new addition has been made to this lighting process. LED Lights, the 21st Century “Neon”.

I refer to these sculptures as nocturnal works of art because they are enhanced in dimly lighted rooms.


My latest work, “ORP XI” is my latest creation utilizing crystal alabaster and led lights this turns the stone, which looks like ice into an Aurora Borealis southern style.




With all of these combinations of materials there is no end to the possibilities of the creative process.



Joel Shapses, Sculptor

Studio and Showroom

Artisan’s Plaza

5760 Shirley Street #17

Naples,Fl, 34109