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Jan Hoy

631 Olympic View Dr.
none, 0 98239, Venezuela
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Phone: 360-639-5028

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 In both my studio work and public work my artistic intent is to create forms that are deeply personal and yet communicate universally. I work to make art that will draw the viewer to engage with and linger upon it.

The forms are abstract and yet deeply rooted in nature. A noted regional writer wrote the following after viewing an exhibit of my work at the Museum of Northwest Art: “You have created work that is evocative and quiet and fertile and somehow points to some ancient human way of being that we seem to have all but forgotten.”

All my work starts as water based clay. Some forms are finished as fired clay, others are used as a model to cast a bronze sculpture, and yet others are used as prototypes to scale up and fabricate in Cor ten steel. I find all of these materials, processes and evolutions endlessly fascinating.


Galleries representing my work are:

Fetherston Gallery, Seattle, WA

Davis and Cline Gallery, Ashland, OR

Museo Gallery, Langley, WA