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Marc Staples

4094 Old River Trail
Powhatan, VA 23139, U.S.A.
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Phone: 804-347-4009

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I have been a professional in the fine arts business over the span of the last two decades, and for ten years my focus has been on creating unique sculptures that are inspired by a combination of my love of both nature and geometry . My goal is to make the viewer feel as though he is part of the creation, rather than an observer of it, so that there is no separation between the viewer and the image... just the experience.

In 1996 I founded the Heritage Giclee® Studio / Staples Fine Art, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia, one of America's oldest established Giclee printmaking studios. The studio is recognized in the book "Mastering Digital Printing" to be among the founding fathers of the digital art printing industry. The Heritage Giclee® Studio's client list extends throughout all 50 States and 15 countries.

Although I am a third-generation artist from a family of painters, sculptors, fabric designers, and actors, my artwork primarily developed through my own personal experimentation and instinct. Early on, I was mentored by two masters of their respective crafts. Beginning in the 1970's I was under the instruction of my uncle Donald McAdoo, a renowned painter of images from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Thanks to Don I developed skills in watercolor and oil painting, plus learned the basics of the business of the art world. Then in 2001, I came under the mentorship of world-renowned sculptor Joseph Kinnebrew. Joe's contributions to my career are numerous, but he primarily taught me the concepts of elegant design, scale and placement, and above all, the concept of fearlessness.

I incorporate various metals and glass into my sculptures, both materials taken from the earth, and blend them with my skills as a painter, often applying vibrant finishes and varieties of color.

I have enjoyed producing work for numerous clients including private corporations, developers, and individuals. In creating site specific sculptures I work alongside architects, project managers, and varied groups in different phases of construction. I utilize computer design and imaging programs to assist with technical aspects of projects. This assists me in communicating clearly through the conceptual stage to the coordination of installation. It would be my pleasure to work with you.

During the course of my career I have enjoyed producing work for a wide spectrum of clients... Including:

•Virginia State Parks Department of Conservation and Recreation, Powhatan, VA
•CenterStage Foundation, Richmond, VA
•Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc., Richmond, VA
•Reggie Carraras & Tom Jones, Richmond, VA
•Rich Little Productions, Las Vegas, NV
•American Battle Monuments Commission, Washington DC
•The Martin Advertising Agency, Richmond, VA
•The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
•Artspace – Tokyo, Japan
•Jay & Karan Unger, Ashland, VA
•Sandy & Charlie Sampson, Venice, FL
•Curt Altholz & Amy Pomerantz, Durham, NC
•City of Memphis, TN
•Jim & Annette Lombardo, Indian River Plantation, FL