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Chip McCall


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            I have always been intrigued by the vast scale and seemingly unstoppable development of humanity. In many ways our society as a whole can be looked at as a single massive organism, growing and consuming much like mold on a piece of bread. As we continue to develop, our cities reach upward and out consuming nearly everything in their path, all the while producing more and more waste. The accumulation of this waste correlates directly with our continued evolution. I have always been interested in the untamed and ironically natural way with which our own society grows both technologically and culturally. More specifically, I have been drawn to the byproducts of this growth; the waste that it produces.

            With my work I am pointing out similarities between our own growth and that of invasive organic species such as molds and fungi. In particular, I find our cities to bear many resemblances to certain viral and fungal growths, as well as the massive hives created by creatures such as termites and ants. I use colorful and textured mass produced everyday items, often collected from thrift stores, scrap yards, or just about any location that is home to a collection of used or unwanted items. By forcing these forgotten items back into focus I am pointing out human’s tendency to obsess over material items, while often ignoring the natural problems they bring about. My work hints at the possibility that our byproducts exist just bellow the surface, unseen by the everyday eye. I juxtapose these societal topics with visually interesting constructions that boldly burst into our reality, offering further insight into both nature and our relationship to it.