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Hugh Chapman

8 Millais Court, Manor Fields, HORSHAM
-unknown, 0 RH13 6SJ
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Phone: +441403257154

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 Hugh Chapman, "Hughman" to his friends and family, is a sculptor working from his studio in West Sussex, UK.

Hugh relinquished his academic career after sustaining a traumatic head injury at 14 followed by pneumococcal meningitis and septicemea at 15 that caused serious and permanent damage to the frontal lobe of his brain. In this troubled period of his life Hugh found a great sense of understanding and apreciation for the natural world. The tangibility of beauty and forces had a long lasting positive affect on his life. Hugh concentrated on photography in which he learned the importance of light, contrast and reflection. After a while Hugh returned to ceramics, which he studied at school. Moving swiftly into sculpture Hugh started creating bolder, more dynamic works that comment or refer back to his experiences of the natural world.

Hugh's work is created to represent these feelings in a non-literal sense, creating sculpture that finds a space in-between the world as we know it and another plane. His desire, whatever the form of the work, is that it comments on the importance of beauty to humanity in the hope that the viewer will find a positive psychological state and contentment within his forms.