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Ralph PÓquin

Spartanburg, SC 29301, U.S.A.
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Phone: 864-494-3478

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Genes and Chromosomes Series, 2006-2014

In retrospect, the broad stroke of Pàquin’s conceptual and artistic interests has been cultivated by “the human condition”.  His current series is no different except that he has now begun to dissect the internal mechanisms of the human, concentrating specifically on the microscopic world of genetics.  Consequently, Pàquin’s new sculptures and works on paper have become more abstract and playfully innovative.

Pàquin states, “From the moment of conception, our genes predetermine much of the basic condition of our lives, our future.  While this is not new knowledge, it remains fundamental. Genetic research is well underway and the visual language of these genes and chromosomes is prime for creative interpretation.”

Pàquin has been developing pictographs of genes and chromosomes that refer to many human characteristics including a pinch of mockery. Each shape is the result of hundreds of drawings and models.  Selected shapes and forms are then fabricated into various sized multi-media sculptures and works on paper. 

Pàquin says, “It’s important to me that these artworks to appear primordial, humorous, erotic, intelligent, and familiar because each piece maintains a relationship to ALL of the living organisms of our incredibly amazing planet.”