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Art Di Lella

Toronto, Ontario , Canada
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Phone: 416-516-2023

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Art Di Lella is a sculptor based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He received his diploma in General Studies from the Ontario College of Art (AOCA) in 1979. During his schooling he was accepted to the ‘Experience ‘78’ Apprenticeship program and served as an apprentice to the Canadian sculptors May Marx and Dorothy Wilson. After completion of the ‘Experience ‘78’ program he went on to serve as an assistant to the Australian sculptor Guy Boyd from 1978 to 1980. Upon completion of his formal training, he went on to establish his own career.

In 1980 Di Lella founded Sculpture Moulds, a professional sculpture studio that specializes in commissioned sculpture, customized mould making, and castings. Di Lella’s client base includes federal and provincial institutions such as: the Ontario Science Centre, Environment Canada, Canada Basketball, the Heritage Warplane Museum, and the National Capital Commission. In addition to such institutions, Di Lella’s client base includes renowned Canadian artists such as: Abraham Anghik Ruben, David Pelletier, and Tom Dean.

In addition to the work done at Sculpture Moulds, Di Lella also served as a sculptor instructor at the Art Gallery of Ontario from 2003 to 2010. Over the seven years, Di Lella taught both adult and youth classes, specializing in figurative sculpture.

Di Lella has engaged with multiple mediums over the past 30 years to produce his sculpture. Materials include bronze, plaster, porcelain, terracotta, plastics and silicone. Most recently, Di Lella has focused his attention upon creating an installation of hyper-realistic silicone portraits. The final installation will include eight hyper-realistic busts from each gender covering a range of ages. The installation is meant to explore issues of identity through genetic portraiture.

Art Di Lella welcomes all inquiries regarding his personal sculpture and private commissions.