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Olga Schigal

via Nuoro 2
Milano, 0 20128, Italy
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Artist Statement


Everything starts with a journey. A journey from home to strange lands. It can start with a thought, an impulse, or a curiosity. Sometimes simply because staying is no more an option. When moving to a new country, a deep transformation expects a person: habits, language, culture food, facial expressions, believes, views of life, landscapes. In a word, a new identity. Journey has always been the fate of humankind, but in this brave new world without frontiers where millions of people move to different countries looking for a better life, it made the question of identity a central topic of our time. What does home/homeland mean nowadays? What we belong to and what belongs to us?
In my art I elaborate these questions with the language of sculpture. I use the world of traditional Russian symbols and of the Siberian nature taken from the memories of my past, mixed with the common objects that I see around me, filtered through my emotions that give them new meanings through unexpected associations. I like to explore heterogeneous materials, ideas and media, but handicraft is always an important element: I always look for clean shapes and color balance to better express my ideas and to give a physicality to the concepts I want to express. In all my works I try to delineate the space of identity, where reality and imagination are merged in a search for a 'home'.




Solo exhibitions:

2011 Boat with Yellow Egg.Boat with Ladder, Art Festival ArtStays2011, Ptuj, Slovenia

2011 Oltre le terre fredde (Beyond the cold lands), Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation, Milan, Italy

2010 Red Square, THE HUB, as an event of the Salone del Mobile Festival in Milan, Italy


Group exhibitions:

2013 ArtSite, Castello di Buronzo, Buronzo, Italy
2013 Arimortis, Museo del 900, Milan, Italy
2013 Spazio d'Arte, Fondera Artistica Battaglia, Milan, Italy

2012 Onthecontrary curated by TransitLab, Milan, Italy

2010 International Prize Arte Laguna exhibition, Arsenale, Venice, Italy

2010 OPEN13, Venice (Lido), Italy

2009 Art Festival Un-defined, Merano, Italy

2008 Foerderpreis der Freunde der Kunstakademie Münster (prize of the Friends of the Academy of Fine Arts) in Münster, Germany

2007 Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes (association for the study of the German people), Academy of Fine Arts, Münster, Germany

2004 Leerexvision Coming People, Herford, Germany



2012 Prize Art Gallery, Milan, Italy

2011 Award by UniCredit for the project Oltre le terre fredde, Milan, Italy

2010 Special Prize, Gallery Die Ecke, Santiago del Chile, Chile
International Art Prize Arte Laguna, Venice, Italy

2007 Meisterschuelerin by Katharina Fritsch, Germany



2013 Interview for Corriere della Sera by Roberta Srorranese

2012 Interview for FlashArt and SKY, VADO A VIVERE IN ITALIA, by Alessandra Gadaletta