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Mike McCarthy

10213 St. Rene Road
Louisville, KY 40299, U.S.A.
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Phone: 502-643-1700

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Creating art has always been a necessity to me. It provides an avenue to bring the ideas in my head to life. In working through the creative process, the vision of those ideas takes form and develops into a solid structure. The development of that structure and the melding of the idea into a completed work is one of the most fulfilling activities in my life. 



While my subject matter varies, my primary focus is the human figure. I have always been impressed by artists such as Michelangelo and Da Vinci and their grasp of the figure. The figure provides unique challenges, challenges that I find fascinating to confront. Working through these challenges and getting them to mesh with the ideas in my head keeps me motivated to strive to achieve their level of competence.



The influence those masters have had on me has also effected my material of choice. While I do work in wood and steel, my preferred material is stone. When I picture a figurative work of art, I automatically envision a figure in stone. I like the permanence and the weight that stone gives to the figure. I like the dichotomy of the soft skin of the human form versus the hard solid properties of stone. I strive to get my work to have a “softness” in a material that is the essence of “hardness”. Whether it is the challenges of the subject matter or the challenges of the material, conquering those challenges to bring my ideas to life drives me to produce my work.