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Douglas & Rask (ucki ood)

Seattle, WA , U.S.A.
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Set up in 2011 in Brussels, Belgium, ucki ood is the studio name of collaborative artists Missy Douglas and Kim Rask. Douglas is a British artist, now residing in the US. Awarded a Ph.D in 2005 from the University of Cambridge, UK, and former profressor of fine art/art history, she has worked as a commercial artist in the fields of sculpture and oil painting since 1999. A former student of University of Washington, Rask is a self-taught sculptor and Seattle native. He has worked extensively in film, animation and sound since 2000.

Such divergent artistic backgrounds enable the duo to create highly original, perceptive work. Taking their cue from psychoanalysis and the human body, their mixed-media work is highly autobiographical, utilising traditional modern techniques and materials to explore universal truths and challenge social norms. 

They have exhibited in solo and group shows in Seattle, New York City and Brussels, Belgium