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Alessandra Marchitelli Hess

1 Rue Petit, Paris France
Paris, 0 75019, France
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Phone: 33785388099     Fax: 0015055777707

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Alessandra Marchitelli Hess

I am a Swiss Italian American Artist.


the 'Portal'

Glass Sculpture Project 


The Portal Series is a statement about the importance of ‘giving air time’ to the invisible communication & connections that exist and which take place, between each of us, all the time, irrespective of distance in time & space.

These connections bridge us individually to others and occur between all the living organisms of this world.

Today, in our 'network' oriented, multi media world, I believe, re-introducing the inner inter-connection that we can all tap into; is important, even crucial, not just for us, but for the well being of the planet.

Portal is not a Religious Project, it is not Political, it does imbed the notion that there is positivity in Cultural and Individual Diversity.

While the 'Portal Project' can be seen as a communicator through acceptance of our cultural differences…

 It celebrates Oneness.


What the Portal Project will entail:

To create and erect several Portal sculpture structures positioned on different continents across the world on the same lay* line.

Rather than have each Portal sculpture structure be a ‘fait accompli’ an accomplished fact onto itself; each Portal structure is only considered ‘one’ part of the whole project.



The Portal Project will be considered in motion when:

In the future, there are at least 5 Portal structures standing on the given lay line with great distances between them, on various different continents; then, the Portal Project will be considered 'in motion.'



What does the completed Portal Project look like? 

It is a ‘band’ of the same passageway shaped sculptural structures aligned with the 'U' shape ligning up to the next same sculptural structure; often thousands of km/miles apart from each other along the same 'lay' line across the World. Each structure, having a special Cultural feeling to Reflect the Culture of its Placement and each structure, having the same importance in the Band as the other Portal structures.


 A ‘Lay’ line is a way of expressing a type of alignment:

At different times in history, diverse ancient cultures erected structures still standing today, such as the Rapa Nui people who built the Moai of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) belonging today to Chile & the builders of the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt.

What we can see today, thanks to our advanced technology, is that many of the iconic ancient structures/monuments still standing today; were built on a single ‘lay line’*  

Aligning many of these Ancient Monuments to one another, the World over.

* 'Ley lines' information:

'Ley lines' refer to hypothetical alignments of a number of places of geographical interest, as well as ancient monuments and megaliths.

example: The Great Pyramid at Giza is aligned with Machupiccu, the Nazca lines and Easter Island along a straight line around the center of the Earth, within a margin of error of less than one tenth of one degree of latitude.

Other sites of ancient construction that are also within one tenth of one degree of this line include: 

-Perseopolis, the capital city of ancient Persia; 

-Mohenjo Daro, the ancient capital city of the Indus Valley;

-The Ancient Sumarian city of Ur

-The temples at Angkor Wat are within one degree of latitude of this line.

The alignment of these sites is easily observable on a globe of the Earth with a horizon ring.

If you line up any two of these sites on the horizon ring, all of the sites will be right on the horizon ring.

3-D world atlas software programs can also draw this line around the Earth. Start on the Equator, at the mouth of the Amazon River, at 49° 17' West Longitude; go to 30° 18' North Latitude, 40° 43' East Longitude, in the Middle East, which is the maximum latitude the line touches; then go to the Equator at 130° 43' East Longitude, near the Northwest tip of New Guinea; then to 30° 18' South Latitude, 139° 17' West Longitude, in the South Pacific; and then back to 49° 17' West Longitude, at the Equator.


The existence of alignments between sites is easily demonstrated. However, the causes of these alignments are disputed. There are several major areas of interpretation.


Figure 1
Centered on:
0.00° N 49° 17' W 30° 18' N 40° 43' E 0.00° N 130° 43' E 30° 18' S 139° 17' W
Images © On Top of the World



Neolithic sites occur all over the world:

When one reflects on how the ancient cultures chose their sacred sites, and wonder how structures like the pyramids where constructed, the suspicion arises that the ancient cultures knew quite a bit more about alignment than we often give them credit for... 



  • Cultural: Many cultures use straight lines across the landscape. In South America, such lines often are directed towards mountain peaks; the Nazca lines are a famous example of lengthy lines made by ancient cultures. Straight lines connect ancient pyramids in Mexico; today, modern roads built on the ancient roads deviate around the massive pyramids. The Chaco culture of Northeastern New Mexico cut stairs into sandstone cliffs to facilitate keeping roads straight.




 My Sculpture Work in Glass:

Besides the Portal series, I create different Sculptures/Structures using materials such as:



    Fiber Glass  


most of these creations all have a steel under carriage/structure and are Day/Night Sculptures.



All are welcome to contact me here on, or visit my site:



(I am currently building a new web site so you will be visiting the old site until mid May 2014)