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Sigita Dackeviciute

Savanoriu 399 - 49
Kaunas, 49289, Lithuania
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Phone: +370 698 80409

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1977-1983 State Academy of Arts (Lithuania), Department of Sculpture (M.A. in arts).

2008-2013 Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania), B.A. in Philosophy.

From 1983 – Teacher of arts (Kaunas Art Gymnasium); teaching sculpture and composition.


2013 – Individual State Grant of the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture for art and culture creators (for personal sculpture exhibition).

2011 – “Sculpture of the year’10” – Diploma for the most outstanding small sculpture of 2010.

Personal Sculpture exhibitions

June 2014 – personal sculpture exhibition „Anatomy“, St. John’s Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

April-May 2013 – personal sculpture exhibition, Artist’s House, Kaunas, Lithuania.

January 2013 – personal sculpture exhibition, St. John’s Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Participation in Group Sculpture exhibitions

September  2014 – Project “Sculptors read Donelaitis” V, (curator D.Matulaite), St. John’s Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

September  2013 – Project “Sculptors read Donelaitis” IV, (curator D.Matulaite), St. John’s Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

May-June 2013 – Exhibition of Sculpture and Graphic Art “Potency”, Picture gallery of the National M.K.Čiurlionis Art Museum, Kaunas; June-July 2013 – Siauliai Art gallery.

November 2012 – small sculpture exhibition “Exchange” (curator J.Belevicius), Klaipeda, Lithuania.

October 2011 – Project “Sculptors read Donelaitis” II, (curator D.Matulaite), St. John’s Street Gallery,Vilnius, Lithuania.

April 2011 – “Sculpture of the year ’10” (curator M.Zavadskis), St. John’s Street Gallery,Vilnius, Lithuania.

September 2010 – Pjoject “Sculptors read Donelaitis” I, (curator D.Matulaite), St. John’s Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

May 2010 – “The sculpture of the year ’09” (curator M.Zavadskis), St. John’s Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania


Artist Statement

Material, forms and meaning associations are the three main „pillars“ on which sculpture rests. Life experience provides ideas and forms and the opportunity to create new combinations of forms. The energy of the creative thought spreading among them gives meaning to the form and provides it with a material shape. It is form that is always the most important, it affects the spectator by it structure, proportions, scale, material, surface. Material is a counterpart, it supports the effect of the form. Depicting or abstract, purified form is a medium of an idea. An abstract form is an opportunity to show an abstract concept in non-verbal way.

General Ideas

About ideas, philosophies and ideologies. A human being for me is an open, interactive system, an integral part of the world. He is on a crossroad of different planes and levels, transforming his surroundings and he himself is being transformed by them. Openness, contacting with environment, „interior and exterior“, their interaction and tension are the main topics of my sculpture. The ideas of separate sculptures are the variations and specifications of this topic.

Creative Process

Playing with forms, rational construction of them, dividing and uniting them to new form combinations is my main means of expression. Before a sculpture is born it passes a prolonged  process of dividing and combining of different forms into new shapes. Construction itself automatically implies preparing, “autopsy”, so various “inner and outer” motifs appear. I plant ideas into a sculpture by cutting and combining the forms anew. .From the formal point of view, the principle of a contrast is always relevant. The meaning of form and structure is the “meaning”, image of the sculpture, I attempt to speak in the “language of forms”.

Topics, Motives

”Heads”, “figures” and “abstractions” are the three main “receptacles of ideas”. I apply the same clear constructing principles to all of them.

Heads sometimes  have  overall “realistic” elements, but they are being divided and constructed anew, turning into abstract formations, archaic simplified shapes with different allusions. Some realistic elements are introduced to fit into the overall geometric structure and rhythm.

„Acoustic sensations“ (2012) turns into an abstract helmet hiding the inside, while the only overt recognizable sign is the ears, an allusion to a subtle ability of hearing. Ears also point to an ancient oral culture when voice and hearing were primordial means of expression and communication, before writing (and with it science and contemporary culture) came into being. This level is the basic, primeval, fundamental in us.

„Abstract ideas“ (2012) is an attempt to depict something that has no external form and the only means to express such ideas is also via allusions. Movement of thought is expressed via moving of different hook-shapes on a helmet-shape head.


One example of “Figures”-series is represented here by a piece of sculpture „Between Yesterday and Tomorrow“ (2013). It is a complicated composition, an attempt to depict an intricate combination of several processes. Human figure is only a flat silhouette in the space, a flat clipping, a vector line representing movement forward. “Present” is represented by an movement spreading across in respect of a vector line, a movement “unscrewing” from the inside (the scheme is spiral movement from the centre), it is framed by two sides of a figure. A figure spreads at present from its centre, that present is constantly pinned on a vector carrying to the front.


An abstract sculpture presents some idea in purified shape. „The Sphere of Expanding Influence“ (2012) was born as a result of formal attempts to create a sculpture of ovaloid form. The key word here is „sphere“, an allusion to the spheres of action or knowledge nowadays.

„Time Capsule“ in 2010 received a nomination as „The Best Small Sculpture of the Year“ (Exhibition „The Sculpture of the Year '10“). Time compressed into a small tube, it has a shape of some cartridge or bomb, an allusion to the condensed energy of history where dates could represent some outbursts of energy.

„Time Reel“ (2014), grates moving in a spiral are symbolizing Time, efforts to count it and the process as the main feature of everything.