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Jan Kovarik

none, 120 00, Venezuela
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Phone: +420775366697

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They told me it wouldn't be possible… but it is. What I create is a strong and elementary reflection of the familiar. An elementary knowledge dug down deep in ourselves which we usually are not in a position to recognize. It is the one we do not talk about nor even think we could already know about, but when we are confronted with it, we are amazed, maybe confused, feeling that it is actually a part of the "Bigger Thing." I believe in art as a powerful and strong tool. Art is here not just to be beautiful; it is here to be powerful. It must have a gift to give. It must grab your feelings or your heart, your soul or your consience. Art is, essentially, a free way to express what you think or believe, but an artist also bears absolute responsibility for the impact of his work. I know that art is here to make this world better. It does not not not belong to any religious or political system. It is alone, ART.